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How To : Understand the Process of Inflammation

In each day of our life, we see inflammation. We see it during sore throats and abscess formations in our bodies, and even slight tooth pain is a form of inflammation. Sometimes it's good when it fights to protect us from invading organisms, but sometimes it becomes bad when i ...more

How To : Process slow motion film for the Canon 7D/5D D90

In this video, learn how to process slow motion film from the Canon EOS 7D using Sony Vegas and After Effects. (This information is helpful for other cameras as well.) Create slow motion video from high speed film with help from this video.

How To : Write into Another Processes Memory with C++.

Hello, this is my first post on Null-Byte. This is made for those who have an interest in writing into another processes memory. Why would you want to do this? Who knows, personally I just wanted to mess around with games on my computer(have unlimited health). In this tutoria ...more

How To : Speed Up the Composting Process

Composting is said to be every gardener’s gold, but making compost and getting it ready could take up to a year. Professional growers have discovered that compost activators can help speed up composting quickly…sometimes to as little as 30 days! 6 Steps to Speed Up Composting ...more

How To : Automate a process using a script in Sony Vegas

HowToMakeAnything describes how to make Script work in Sony Vegas. Script is a way of automating a normally cumbersome process. Select events from Cursor, add regions to add, fade effects etc to the clip. That may also be selected from Tools Menu, then Scripting. Drag the desi ...more

How To : Batch process images in Fireworks

Fireworks has a great batch processing mechanism for images. In this tutorial, Mike Lively converts a PowerPoint presentation to jpegs and batch processes them down to a smaller size within Fireworks.

How To : Process green-screen video in Blender 2.4 or 2.5

Blender's channel key node is your secret to processing greenscreen video. Whether you're new to the Blender Foundation's popular 3D modeling program or a seasoned graphic artist just interested in better acquainting yourself with the application, you're sure to be well served ...more

How To : Batch process multiple photos in Photoshop

Yanik Chauvin demonstrates how to create a batch using Photoshop and them Lightroom so you can decide which is faster and more convenient for you. In Photoshop, he first changes the color in the image, which he explains step by step the process, then saves the image as an acti ...more

How To : Begin drawing with a philosophal process

Watch this instructional drawing video to begin drawing with a mental philosophy. Drawing is not like photography. You have to decide what is important to you and what details you will include in your drawing. Every line you draw is important only in relation to the other line ...more

How To : Use the Pages word processing app on an Apple iPad

Want to run Apple's popular word-processing application, Pages, on an iPad? It's easy. That didn't stop Apple from producing this clean video overview, however. Get started creating, editing and sharing your own newsletters, reports, flyers & other documents with this how-to.

How To : Process panoramic photos in Lightroom

Here’s a video on how to process your panos in Lightroom. Learn how to take those raw files and process them with a panorama in mind (it’s really a lot like processing a regular photo with just a small change at the end). We’ll process them in Lightroom and then take it throug ...more

How To : Use a 10 step process to apply makeup

Do you waste time in front of the mirror every morning fretting over what you're going to do with your makeup? If you're been looking to streamline the process, watch this video. It will teach you a 10-step process you can use to create a great look quickly every time.

How To : Shotgun a beer (the shotgunning and smashing process)

The owners of Black Diamond Equipment have some unusual and fun ways of celebrating. In this video, you'll learn how to shotgun a beer. It's simpler than it sounds, if you can believe that. All you need is a knife and a can of beer. Dig in, and start chugging away!

How To : Cross process an image in Adobe Photoshop CS5

In this clip, you'll see how to cross-process an image using Adobe Photoshop CS4. Whether you're new to Adobe's popular raster graphics editing software or a seasoned professional just looking to better acquaint yourself with the program and its various features and filters, y ...more

How To : Create an iPod gel process bar in Illustrator CS2

The Apple iPod and iPhone are the hottest electronics on the market, so keeping up with the times means keeping up with designs people like. Apple incorporates all kinds of cool images and icons into their products, so learn how to re-create them so you can modify them or get ...more

How To : Do the process of wet felting over soap

This video is about Wet Felting Wool Over Soap .The materials required small sized soap bars, a towel, hot water and wool batting which is sheep's wool that has been washed and dyed. Now take a thin piece of the wool and lay it over the soap. Thin layers help the felting proce ...more

How To : Process large-format sheet film in trays

In the digital age, old fashioned film processing and developing may seem outmoded and obsolete. However, for professional and aspiring professional photographer who want o make classic-looking prints, this is far from the case. This three-part video describes how to do tray p ...more

How To : Cross process in Photoshop

Don from explains the steps of cross processing in Photoshop. Using this he shows you that you can take great photographs of models without a lot of equipment. He starts by touching up his photograph before-hand; then he goes on to using an action calle ...more

How To : Use Qmaster distributed processing in Compressor

This tutorial shows you how to get all your processors to work in Compressor by using Apple Qmaster distributed processing to improve rendering times. Use Qmaster distributed processing in Compressor. Click through to watch this video on

How To : Make cold process soap

Brought to you by this video shows you how to make a cold process to make soap. By measuring accurately and using proper equipment such as a container that won't break under more extreme conditions. Lye and other ingredients are used in this so it's important ...more

How To : Process black and white film photographs

Ruth from goes retro to show us how to process a black and white photographic film. Film isn't dead, maybe because there's nothing quite as satisfying as printing out a set of negatives to make photographs. Watch this video photography tutorial and learn how to proces ...more

How To : Pre-process UVs using morphs in modo

Using morphs to pre-process UVs is a great trick for any version of modo. You can leverage the embedded morph data to massage a model in 3D prior to UV projection. If that doesn't make sense, watch the video and learn how to pre-process UVs using morphs in modo.

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