Produce a Resonant Sound with the Flute

How To : Produce a resonant sound with the flute

Many young players have a too tight, smile embouchure with the flute high on their lip and the hole almost entirely covered. Some were initially taught the coke-bottle method of blowing straight across the hole. This video addresses these common problems that many flutists hav ...more

How To : Understand resonant frequencies

In this video tutorial the instructor demonstrates resonant frequency. In this video the instructor shows the sound of resonance and how to generate it. Resonance is a forced vibration of energy into molecules of an object that makes those molecules vibrate at their resonant f ...more

How To : Know different types of Native American flutes

In this series, learn about the different types of Native American flutes. You will be amazed by the various sounds and pitches that these instruments can produce. Let Werner John show you some different styles of Native American flutes. He also plays these flutes so that you ...more

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