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News : Trippy DIY Wall Art Project by Loki

Inspired by Justine Ricaud and Alexis Facca's amazing 3D illusion graffiti project featured a while back, WonderHowTo-ian Loki undertook his own awesome custom wall art project, pictured below. Loki says he hopes to write an accompanying HowTo soon. Can't wait to see it! Ques ...more

News : AIDS Project Los Angeles

AIDS Project Los Angeles (APLA) is a non-profit organization that offers programs and services for those living with HIV/AIDS. More information can be found in there website AIDS Project Los Angeles (APLA) es una organización que ofrece programas y servicios para ...more

How To : Sew in the tails of a crochet project

So you have finished your crochet or knitting project, but now there are a few tails of yarn hanging loose. What to do with them? This video shows you how to sew in those tails and keep your project from unraveling.

How To : Pick the right drill bit for your project

The success of a woodworking or carpentry project is often dependent on being able to pick and use the right drill bit. Drill bits come all sorts of styles, sizes and materials. Pick the right bit for your project and budget.

How To : Create and edit tasks in MS Project 2007

In this tutorial, we learn how to create and edit tasks in MS Project 2007. Before you begin, you need to set the start date by going into project information and changing the start date and end date. After this, type in your first task name, then enter in the information that ...more

How To : Insert tasks in MS Project 2007

In this tutorial, we learn how to insert tasks in MS Project 2007. First, go onto your project and use the insert menu to enter in the insertion point before the selected task. After his, enter in the task name and then enter in the duration and the start and finish time. If y ...more

How To : Set up costs in MS Project 2007

In this tutorial, we learn how to set up costs in MS Project 2007. First, go to your resource sheet and enter in the cost option in the type column. Write in how much you paid for this, because it's not a regular cost. Assign this cost to a task to specify the cost per task. A ...more

How To : Start a new project using Adobe Premiere Pro CS3

For most software programs, finding good information on how to get started when you don't know anything about the software is harder than finding tutorials on more advanced topics. This video should make getting started in Adobe Premiere CS3 a bit easier. It walks you through ...more

How To : Make an easy fabric panel quilt for Project Linus

Project Linus is an organization that provides security blankets for seriously ill or traumatized children. In this tutorial, learn how to make an easy fabric panel quilt to donate to a child in need. Project Linus is a great organization that provides warmth to every child, n ...more

How To : Convert a Visual Basic project to Jabaco Java

In this video tutorial / demonstration you will learn how to convert an existing Visual Basic project to Jabaco Java. You will need both Microsoft Visual Basic and Jabaco, a simple programming language with a Visual Basic like syntax. Jabaco enables you to create powerful soft ...more

How To : Set up your first Premiere Pro CS4 project

Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 software is the start-to-finish video production solution ideal for editors, filmmakers, cable and network broadcasters, event and corporate videographers, rich media creative professionals, and hobbyists. In this Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 video tutorial, y ...more

How To : Prepare for a painting project

In this how-to video, learn how important the proper preparation for a painting project can be. You can spoil a well-done paint job before opening a can, so take advantage of tips on selecting the ideal drop cloth to prepping the wall and applying primer from the start. With t ...more

How To : Create an MSBuild project to execute

In this video Chris Pels shows how to create an MSBuild project that orchestrates the execution of the aspnet_compiler and aspnet_merge utilities for an ASP.NET web site. First, learn the fundamentals of the compilation process for an ASP.NET web site and the role of the two c ...more

How To : Create a smart pencil project with Crayola

Make homework time go a lot faster with this smart pencil project from Crayola. Learn how to make assignments more fun with a pencil top specially designed for every subject. You will need Crayola Model Magic Fusion, glitter glue, scissors, and washable glue. With this how to ...more

How To : Finish a scrollsaw project

In this two-part tutorial series from the Scrollsaw Workshop, Steve Good discusses how to finish scrollsaw projects–a process which, according to Steve, includes four steps: gluing, sanding, beautifying and protecting. Let Steve walk you through his finishing process with this ...more

How To : Add, hide, and show columns in Project 2007

Suppose you created a project plan in Microsoft Office Project 2007, and you want to add a new column of information. You also want to be able to choose not to display the new information, but you don't want it to be lost. Take a look at this instructional video and learn how ...more

How To : Weave the ends in a crochet project

This how-to video demonstrates how to weave the ends when you are crocheting. The basic concept of weaving ends is that you weave in the ends into the crochet project to make it look neater. All you need to practice this technique is a metal needle. Watch and learn. Part 1 of ...more

How To : Change the color of yarn in a crocheting project

You’ll often want to add a splash of color to your projects. The following video crocheting tutorial shows how to change color yarns. Learn how to swith colors of yarn in the middle of a crocheting project simply and easily. Change the color of yarn in a crocheting project. Cl ...more

How To : Choose lumber for a home project

Are you going to start a home project but not quite sure what kind of wood to buy? This how to video talks about different kinds of lumber, and teaches you how to pick the right wood for your home project.

How To : Output your project to a DVD in Avid Liquid

Producer/editor Paul Mitton of Creation Trek Productions demonstrates how to output your project to a DVD in Avid Liquid, including creating menus and chapter points. Output your project to a DVD in Avid Liquid. Click through to watch this video on

How To : Update images in a Flash Project

If you have worked hard writing Actionscript for a Flash project, you might be hesitant to make changes to the graphic. What if the changes mess up the coding? This video demonstrates how you can update or change a bitmap image in Flash while maintaining all previous functiona ...more

How To : Force Switch to T-Mobile or Sprint on Project Fi

If you own a Pixel or Nexus device, Project Fi is a great alternative for cellular service outside of the four major US carriers. Project Fi is a Google-managed MVNO, providing service primarily through the T-Mobile and Sprint networks. One of the biggest mysteries on Fi is wh ...more

How To : Use the Project Manager in Adobe Premiere Pro

The Project Manager inside the new Premiere Pro CS4 will help video editors to save only what they are using in their video project and trim down what they are not using. For more Adobe software tutorials from Layers Magazine, search Layers Magazine on WonderHowTo. WonderHowT ...more

How To : Project your voice on stage

Theater acting is a fun and creative art form but it can be difficult to project your voice loud enough for the audience to hear if you are use to speaking softly. With a few exercises and practice anyone can have a booming voice. You may be the greatest actor or speaker in t ...more

How To : Enter task information in MS Project 2007

In this tutorial, we learn how to enter task information in MS Project 2007. Use the "gantt chart view" to have a task list next to the bar graph. Start typing in the information of the task, followed by the duration and other information you need. If you press enter, you will ...more

How To : Set a milestone in MS Project 2007

In this software video tutorial you will learn how to set a milestone in MS Project 2007. Milestone is an important task. Lot many times a milestone is like a goal or deadline to be completed by a particular date. It is defined as a task that doesn't have a duration. To make a ...more

How To : Create links between tasks in MS Project 2007

In this tutorial, we learn how to create links between tasks in MS Project 2007. First, select the task you want to link, then click on the link task button on the toolbar. You will now see a finished task link between these tasks. In the entry table, you will see the predeces ...more

How To : Save your project in Pinnacle Studio

This tutorial explains how to save your work in Pinnacle Studio. The first step is to go to "File". Next is saving projects by using the drop down menu from the top left corner of the program. When you save your project it does not mean that all the video files will be saved. ...more

How To : Weave in ends on a stockinette stitch project

Let the Knit Witch show you how to weave the ends on your stockinette stitch project with this video tutorial. She takes a simple swatch of knitted pink fabric and shows you how to accomplish this simple but useful trick with black yarn so that it can be easily seen. Don't let ...more

News : Microsoft Project "Oxford"

Microsoft is developing a new API project called poject "Oxford," and it includes face, speech, and more "smart" API technology. Despite being Microsoft, I actually found this to be very useful. ;) Here is a video about the face recognition, and it's very interesting. Video: ...more

News : Project Tango Brings a Whole New Depth to Tablets

Lately, it seems, that we live in a two-dimensional world. With smart phones and tablets constantly at our fingertips, it always seems as if we are looking into a screen. The goal of Project Tango, as Google is calling it, is to give mobile devices a human-scale understanding ...more

How To : Setup your RED ONE project settings & format media

Before you do any shooting on the Red One Camera, you must set up your project settings and format your media with the settings you plan on shooting with. 2K, 3K, or 4K and your FPS must be set or face bad consequences when you go to edit this footage. Thanks to Indie Rentals ...more

How To : Choose the right fabric for your sewing project

The success or failure of your sewing project relies only in part on your skill - if you choose the wrong fabric, it won't matter how good you are. But picking the right fabric will forgive many small errors you might make. Also, learn the difference between woven and knit fab ...more

How To : Adjust project settings in Revit Architecture 2011

Need some help understand how project settings work within Autodesk Revit Architecture 2011? This clip provides some help. Whether you're new to Autodesk's popular CAD building information modeling application or a seasoned professional merely looking to better acquaint yourse ...more

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