How To : Turn on a skateboarding ramp

Turning on a skateboard ramp is an often overlooked skill that is tough to master. Get expert tips and advice on skateboard decks and tricks in this video lesson. Take action: go up ramp, put weight on tail while slowing down, use upper body to perform turn, and lead with the ...more

How To : Make sharp turns on a skateboard

Making sharp turns on a skateboard is easy with these tips. Get expert advice on skateboard decks and tricks in this video lesson. Take action: put weight on heels to turn left, put weight on toes to turn right, pick up 2 front tires & pivot for quick turns, and lead with uppe ...more

How To : Perform the Bombershay time steps

Put weight on the heel and get low for the Bombershay in tap dancing. Learn about bombershay time steps from a dance teacher in this free video on intermediate tap dancing. Perform the Bombershay time steps - Part 1 of 15. Click through to watch this video on expertvillage.com ...more

How To : Learn the basics of skateboarding

Learn how to learn the basics of skateboarding. Initially an offshoot of California’s surf scene, this extreme sport has taken America by storm. Before you can execute sweet tricks, you need to start with the basics. You Will Need * Pads, a helmet, and proper shoes * A skate ...more

News : The HoloLens Lets You Watch TV in a Whole New Way

Are there any benefits to watching a movie in a holographic mixed reality headset, or should you just stick with your TV? It's not as cut and dried as you might think. While TVs have some advantages, so does the virtual screen of a Microsoft HoloLens. As augmented reality tec ...more

How To : Do a one footed glide on rollerblades

In this video, you will learn how to glide on one foot with roller blades. All you need is a pair of roller blades and the proper safety equipment. This will involve you putting weight on the one foot that stays on the ground. You will have to pick up your other foot behind yo ...more

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