Quickly a Big Daddy in Bioshock

How To : Quickly kill a Big Daddy in Bioshock for Xbox360

There are many clever ways to kill a Big Daddy effectively in Bioshock. This method makes use of trap bolts. The best place to do this is in a corridor that contains no metal or glass surfaces. Once the traps have been placed, all that's left to do is lure the Big Daddy over. ...more

How To : Quickly kill a Big Daddy in Bioshock

One of the biggest challenges in Bioshock are the Big Daddies. They roam throughout the game protecting the Little Sister. Naturally, the best way to kill a Big Daddy is by obtaining a lot of explosives, and that's precisely what Sam of Game Almighty does. This video shows how ...more

How To : Make a time bomb prop and

Time bombs are a stimulating and ubiquitous part of action films. This video features a handy tutorial on how to make a realistic-looking time bomb at home out of basic, cheap materials that can be used to add tension and drama to any of your movies. Warning: do not let the au ...more

How To : Walkthrough BioShock 2 - Ryan Amusements

In the third chapter of BioShock 2, you'll have to try to make it all the way through Ryan Amusements alive. The only way may be to watch this five-part series on completing the whole mission in the popular Xbox 360 video game. Mahalo's BioShock 2 walkthrough is a great resou ...more

News : Youth Vs. Wisdom

Hi there Dolls, I just got done putting the children to bed for the night. Fed the husband, made a little love, and took a bubble bath! I lathered up my body with a Gardenia lotion and have thrown on my amazing silk robe. I smell and feel wonderful as I sip on my Cantaloupe ...more

Kick Ass Review Part 2 : Gameplay and Design

Kick Ass Review Part 2: Gameplay and Design In the game, you can play as Kick Ass, Hit Girl, or Big Daddy. Each charater has a light and heavy attack that can be strung together into small combos. Each character also has three special attacks assigned to the Square, Triangle, ...more

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