How To : Build a cool cardboard RC airplane

Model airplanes are cool and all, but making them out of your typical 8 1/2 X 11 printer paper isn't going to cut it for long, especially if any sort of rain or misplaced foot is involved. Make your awesome model airplanes even more awesome by crafting them out of sturdy cardb ...more

News : Ex-Dentist Crafts Insanely Anal Model Airplanes

Young C. Park, retired dentist of Honolulu, Hawaii, has satisfied a life long interest in model airplanes with his meticulous, incredibly detailed models of the Corsair and P-51 Mustang. Pictured below is Young Park's Corsair. Via the Internet Craftsmanship Museum, "The wing ...more

News : World's Largest RC Model Airplane

Built by three Belgian guys, this bad boy holds the Guinness Book of World Records for largest RC plane. It has a span of 8.9m, 4 X 160cc engine, it weighs 210 kg and is built on a scale of 1/5 of the B29. This RC plane is so large it takes three people to fly it!

News : LEGO Semi Trucks Look Like the Real Deal

Don't be fooled. These cleverly photographed LEGO model trucks are just what I said they are... models, not life-sized. Still, they are beautifully designed and constructed. Check out creator Maciej D.'s flickr page for more images. Previously, Ex-Dentists Crafts Insanely Ana ...more

How To : Repair any damages to your flying model airplane

When you're flying your model airplanes, it's inevitable that it will eventually suffer some minor damages, like scuffs, breaks and bends. This video tutorial will help you alleviate and repair any damages to your flying model airplane to get you back in the skies again. The ...more

News : Hobbyist Builds World's Tiniest Engines

Jim Moyer builds tiny engines, with as much attention to detail and craftsmanship as some of our other favorite hobbyists (check out obsessive model airplanes and teeny tiny weapons). The engine demonstrated in the first video below is supposedly the smallest V-8 engine in the ...more

How To : Make your own model airplane

On YouTube-irDescent you find a simple way to make your own model of a gliding airplane. The instructor begins by giving some information on how birds inspired the inventing of airplanes. Some clips of flying birds are shown. She also explains all of the general parts of the a ...more

News : Russian Hobbyist Creates Collection of Mini-Weaponry

Says English Russia, "In Staraya Poltavka, someone named Igor Boldenkov lives and creates miniature copies of weapons."  Check out his array of lovingly crafted mini-weaponry. Reminds me of WonderHowTo's very favorite Sherman Tank man. Previously, Ex-Dentist Crafts Insanely ...more

How To : Solder metal for model airplanes

To build a model airplanes, you're going to need to know how to solder. Any electronics specifically cannot be crimped, but have to be soft soldered. Watch this video tutorial and learn how to soft solder for model airplanes and even electronics. Part 1 of 2 - How to Solder me ...more

How To : Build a plastic model airplane

The video deals with a clear step by step process of making a plastic airplane. He asked us to select the model of the airplane we are going to make first. He has selected the North American F86A SABRE model in this demo. For assembling the airplane, he asked us to prepare a ...more

How To : Change model airplane engine bearings

The bearings in most model engines wear out eventually but fortunately changing them is a pretty simple task, requiring no special tools. This video shows you how to change your own bearings. Part 1 of 2 - How to Change model airplane engine bearings. Part 2 of 2 - How to Cha ...more

How To : Install RC airplane hinges

Model Airplane News Editor Gerry Yarrish shows how to install RC airplane control surface hinges. You'll need an Xacto knife, hinge installation tools, and hinge glue. It's a pretty basic procedure. Watch this video tutorial and learn how to attach hinges onto a remote control ...more

How To : Take the wrinkles out of an RC airplane

Model Airplane News Editor Roger Post shows you how to iron out the wrinkles in your RC plane. It's important to clean any possible dust or dirt before ironing. Watch this video tutorial and learn how to take the wrinkles out of a remote control ariplane's cover.

How To : Cut an EPP foam UFO Roswell Delta

Watch this instructional model making video for a demonstration on how to use a foam cutter to cut a flying wing delta. The foam UFO Roswell Delta is a durable model. You may need your own set of instructions to complete this model airplane project, but the visual guidelines p ...more

How To : Solder connectors to batteries on an RC vehicle

Model Airplane News Editor John Reid shows how to soldering connectors on to Lipo Batteries. Proper technique is essential not to heat damage the batteries. Watch this video tutorial and learn how to solder connectors to the batteries on an RC vehicle.

How To : Fold a Eurofighter Paper Airplane

One day I was contemplating about a canard paper airplane design. After several attempts, here is what I got - the Eurofighter Paper Airplane. I have also created a Eurofighter Paper Airplane template that guides you to do the fold. Be sure to print the 2-page file on a singl ...more

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