Radiohead Karma Police

How To : Play "Karma Police" by Radiohead on the guitar

Learn how to play "Karma Police" by Radiohead on the guitar. Chords (Don't use the capo if you want): Verse: Am Am/F# (2x0210) Em, G D/F# (200232), C, C/B(x20010), Am, Bm, D Chorus: C, D, Bm, F# or C*,D*(x54030), G*(x55430), F#*(x44320) Last verse "For a minute there..": B ...more

How To : Play "Karma Police" by Radiohead on guitar

This video is an acoustic guitar lesson from TboneWilson1978. In this video, he teaches you how to play the song "Karma Police" by Radiohead. He begins by showing you which chords you need to know to play the song. He then moves on to the progression of the chords through the ...more

News : Make a compact chair from (free) post office boxes

Because of this one video, the company mail room can once again reclaim its destiny as a cultural Mecca. Face the facts: xeroxing your behind-crack during lunch break is so ... yesterday. Follow these simple steps from the Graffiti Research Lab. "Borrow" six Express Mail Boxe ...more

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