How To : C++ Hash Cracker

This is my first ever how-to so I apologize in advance for any grammar mistakes or spelling errors. Introduction This is what I'm planning on being a series of c++ coding articles. This one in particular are gonna be a series of programs for various password cracking methods ...more

How To : Hack MD5 passwords with Cain and Abel

Whatever your reasons for doing it, if you are trying to hack passwords, it helps to have the right software for getting the job done. With the Cain and Abel program, you will be well on your way to hacking even the toughest personal passwords. Visit us at bleedingedgesecurit ...more

How To : Recover a Windows Password with Ophcrack

When Windows stores a password, it is done so by hashing the password in an LM hash and putting it in the Windows SAM file. In the scary moment that you lose your password, but don't want to pay some geek to have full root access to your computer, you need to recover it using ...more

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