How To : The Official Google+ Insider's Guide Index

Welcome to the Google+ Insider's Guide to all things Google+. We're dedicated to keeping you updated with all the latest news, tips and tricks on Google+, and this official index will serve as a one-stop catalog of all our How-To articles, as well as all the news & updates we' ...more

The Sony Hack : Thoughts & Observations from a Real Hacker

By now, nearly everyone with any type of media access is aware that Sony Pictures Entertainment was hacked on November 24th. Although there can be many interpretations and lessons drawn from this audacious act, there is one indisputable conclusion: it and its ripples across th ...more

News : Do Cats & Boobs Belong on Google+?

While using Google+, it's been apparent that there are two types of posters. There are the people who post thoughtful, serious posts about everything from tech to dealing with cancer. And then there are the meme propagators, the people who decide to rick roll others (ahem, +Br ...more

News : 7 Talented Web Comic Artists to Follow on Google+

The visual beauty of images on Google+ means that it's not just a great place for photographers to shine, but also serves as a befitting promotional space for web comic artists. Below, 7 talented individuals who have utilized the Google+ platform. +Ryan Estrada - Google+ Tuto ...more

News : Spooky Disembodied Lips, Tongues, and Spit Bubbles

Artist Julia Randall's photorealistic colored pencil drawings of disembodied lips, tongues, and spit bubbles kinda give me the creeps (in a perfectly good way, of course). Nicely done work. Makes me want to pick up a set of colored pencils and start drawing... Previously, Me ...more

Kick Ass Game Review Part 1 : Background and Voice Talent

Kick Ass Game Review Part 1: Background & Voice Talent There are three parties involved in bringing you The Kick Ass Game: - Wha Entertainment (Publisher) - Marv Entertainment (Role unknown) - Frozen Codebase (Indie Developer) Wha Entertainment is owned by Howard Horowitz. H ...more

How To : Use the 3d Invigorator plug-in for After Effects

On this show, Adam Nielson and Randall Bennett set up some of the big news of 2007, as well as continue their love affair with After Effects by covering one of the most used plug-ins: 3d Invigorator from Zaxwerks. If you've never used or seen this plug-in in action watch the v ...more

How To : Color correct in Sony Vegas

In this podcast tutorial Randall Bennett and Adam Nielson look at Sony's Vegas, Color Correcting and insight into some expensive storage and how much Randall hates P2 cards (he really does.) Stay tuned and learn how to color correct in Sony Vegas, amongst other things.

How To : Cook traditional beer can chicken

Tired of the same old boring hamburger every time you grill out? Start up that smoker and let Rock and Roll BBQ's Travis Randall teach you to the time-honored tradition of beer Can chicken. Cook traditional beer can chicken. Click through to watch this video on videojug.com

How To : Do a Mae Geri or front snap kick

In this tutorial, hosted by Master Mick Randall and Master Roger Hall, you will learn how to perform a mae geri (or front snap kick) in martial arts. This kick is used to hit your opponent near the groin or lower abdomen and cause them to fall back.

How To : Make more frame accurate edits in Final Cut Pro

Randall Bennett and Adam Nielson take a look at some frame accurate editing tips, a brief overview of Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro and all the latest news. So check it out and learn how to make more frame accurate edits in Final Cut Pro and improve your video productio ...more

How To : Make White Chicken Chili for Super Bowl Sunday

Whether it's Super Bowl Sunday or just another Sunday with the lads, this white chicken chili will keep manly and lady-like tummies alike satisfied. Try it out! Video: . Ingredients: 2 lbs. chicken breast (cooked) 1 large jar (48 oz) of Randall Great Northern Beans (rinsed) 2 ...more

News : NYTimes on McEnroe's Tennis Academy Endeavor

Tennis Bad Boy's Alternative to Sending Kids to Russia  I just saw this article on NYT. John McEnroe has launched a tennis academy to foster young tennis players in the NYC area. His courts on Randall Island are meant as an alternative to the academies like USTA that require ...more

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