How To : Make a rattlesnake key fob

Looking for a stylish, slightly menacing way to store your keys? The "rattlesnake tie" is in actuality Clifford W. Ashley's Over-And-Under Heaving Line Knot or ABOK #541. That said, the rattlesnake tie is a whole lot easier to say and remember, so that name is used here. It d ...more

How To : Milk a live rattlesnake

This video could benefit from some commentary, but the illustration is straight forward. Squeeze the snake head to open its mouth and press the fangs onto a permeable covered jar and the venom will automatically release into the jar. Keep a firm hold of the snake throughout as ...more

How To : Draw basic desert animals

In under five minutes, illustrator Michael Weisner demonstrates how to draw a trio of cartoon desert animals and it's easy to see how you can take the methods he shows you and apply it to drawing all kinds of creatures. With a few well-chosen strokes of a black felt pen, you c ...more

How To : Survive in the desert

In this video series, survival skills expert Mike Myers explores how to survive in the desert. Learn basic desert survival tips such as: how to prepare for the wilderness, how to find a campsite, how to use a map and a compass, how to kill and eat a rattlesnake, how to treat a ...more

The FlameThrower : A Debate.

Despite the caveats above, I'm still pretty into the concept of flamethrowers as an anti-zombie weapon. I don't necessarily think that a large, back-mounted one is your only option either; improvised munitions of the incendiary variety definitely have a place in taking ghouls ...more

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