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How To : Read music notation

Watch this music how-to video to learn how to read musical notation or sight read. This instructional video is very detailed and includes types of notes, tempo, and the staff. Reading music will be easy once you've watched this helpful music notation tutorial video.

How To : Understand music notation when reading sheet music

In this video, we learn how to understand music notation when reading sheet music. To help you read sheet music wherever you are, it's an easy process. You can learn how to read sheet music within just a few minutes and practice. You can be great at reading any type of sheet m ...more

How To : Music read & understanding the music staff

A step by step video tutorial by Andrew Wasson of Creative Guitar Studio that shows you how the music staff works. Have you ever had trouble reading a music staff? Not anymore! Andrew Wasson explains to you what a treble clef, key signature, and time signature are and how to u ...more

How To : Read music and sightread sheet music

If you're having a hard time reading music and sheet music, this tutorial is here to help. In the video you'll get a near eight minute lesson on what certain symbols mean and how to interpret them when they are on sheet music. It's eay to follow and will make life a bit more e ...more

How To : Read music for drums

In this tutorial, we learn how to read music for drums. A hi hat and kick is equal to quarter notes and a hi hat is just eighth notes. When you see a snare and a kick this is equal to quarter notes. As you continue to read the music for the drums, you will see the music notes ...more

How To : Read music notes on the guitar

In this video, Andrew, from Creative Guitar Studio, explains how to translate sheet music, (not tablature), to notes on the guitar. You will learn how to finger the notes and chords you see in sheet music on the guitar fret board. Beginning guitarists, and experienced players ...more

How To : Read sheet music on the guitar

In the studio world, and the ensemble scene, you're going to be handed ALOT of sheet music, sometimes it has only a few notes for a specific melody, and sometimes it's a whole lot of notes for the entire song. Knowing how to read these notes are important, and it can be very d ...more

How To : Read sheet music

This music theory tutorial teaches you how to read sheet music, the names of the clefs, the names of the notes on the staff. Learning how to read music is essential for any serious musician. Watch this music how to video and you will be reading sheet music in no time.

How To : Read sheet music while playing the piano

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to read sheet music for playing the piano. The notes of the sheet music are divided into 2 pitches: the treble clef and bass clef. The notes of the treble clef are on the lines. The treble clef notes from ascending order are: E, G, B, ...more

How To : Sight read piano music

This two part how to video talks about sight reading for the piano. Sight reading is a difficult skill to master. This tutorial gives you tips on mastering sight reading and playing piano with ease. Part 1 of 2 - How to Sight read piano music. Part 2 of 2 - How to Sight read ...more

How To : Read sheet music notes & scores

Katie Liesener shows us how to read sheet music and scores. Part 1 of 15 - How to Read sheet music notes & scores. Read sheet music notes & scores - Part 2 of 15. Click through to watch this video on Read sheet music notes & scores - Part 3 of 15. Click throu ...more

How To : Read sheet music for the piano

In this instructional video series, learn how to read piano sheet music for yourself. Our expert will walk you through a step-by-step tutorial that covers such basics as which notes to play with which hands, what key signatures mean, how to interpret the rhythm of the song, an ...more

How To : Read sheet music

In this video series, watch as professional musician Eric Williams teaches how to read music. Learn about the musical alphabet, what sharps and flats are, what half steps are, what a musical staff is, how to read the bass clef and treble clef, what ledger lines are, what quart ...more

How To : Read drum music

Drum music can be tough to read, but get expert tips and advice on sixteenth notes, rests, and everything else in this free music lesson video. Part 1 of 10 - How to Read drum music. Read drum music - Part 2 of 10. Click through to watch this video on Read dr ...more

How To : Read drum sheet music

How to read drum music regarding quarter, eighth and sixteenth notes and how they are used to notate drum beats. Read drum sheet music. Click through to watch this video on

How To : Read a fake music book in the key of B

In this video music lesson, an expert jazz musician will demonstrate how to read through a fake book composition in B major. He will demonstrate how to play the various measures and sections of the fake book composition on piano, as well as how to improvise while playing.

How To : Read basic drum set music and the open hi hat

In this drum lesson you will learn how to read and play the open hi hat technique. This is an extension to "Basic Drum Set Music 1," so be sure that you are comfortable with the topics discussed in that lesson before moving on to this one. Get the beat sheet here: http://onli ...more

How To : Read basic drum set music

In this drum lesson you will learn to apply what you already know about reading single-drum music to reading multiple drum music, or drum set music. In order to do this lesson, you should already have an understanding of quarter notes and 8th notes. To do this lesson, you wil ...more

How To : Read and write out sheet music

When playing a musical instrument, one of the most important aspect about it, is being able to read sheet music. It's used to record and guide someone when they play a particular song. In some music, it's required to be memorized, but when playing classical music with other pe ...more

How To : Read guitar tabs to play music

Guitar tablature is a diagram of the strings and frets of the instrument and where the fingers are placed in a chord or song. This how to video teaches you to read guitar tabs.

How To : Read dotted notes and triplets in music theory

Knowing music theory never hurt anyone—not Bach, not Chopin, not Schoenberg. Even if you fancy yourself a musical iconoclast, the better you know the rules of music, the better equipped you'll be to break them down the line. In this free video music theory lesson, you'll learn ...more

How To : Read intervals with FL Studio

This FL Studio tutorial is actually a music theory lesson that teaches you how to read Chord progression notations (intervals), such as (I-VI-ii-V), and an easy system to keep track of them all within FL Studio. If you are new to music and want to learn music production and wo ...more

How To : Read basic rhythms on a chart for the guitar

In almost all charts and forms of sheet music, the composer will more than likely have added rhythmic dictation to the staff, a specific rhythm that he wants you to play over the progression using the chord. In this video you will get a breakdown of basic rhythmic dictation of ...more

How To : Read guitar tabs

Want to learn guitar? Some people feel helpless, or feel that it is too hard, but this is not the case. Utopian Thrash Metal Guitarist started out with one tablature book and a cheap electric guitar -- he self taught himself in almost no time. This music video tutorial will s ...more

How To : Use ledger lines in music

A ledger line or leger line is musical notation to inscribe notes outside the lines and spaces of the regular musical staffs. This music theory how to video teaches you the concept of ledger lines in written music. Learn how to read and write music with this tutorial.

How To : Read drum tabs for beginners

In this tutorial, learn how to read drum tabs or notation with help from music instructor, Radley Fricker. When you start playing percussion, you will need to know how to read tabs in order to get the songs right. So, have a look at this tutorial and learn how to stay in tune. ...more

How To : Do the boomerang scratch with fading pattern

The video describes the effect known as the Boomerang Scratch. The author describes the technique and shows the sheet musical note equivalent. After explaining the sheet music notation, the author shows a video of the technique being performed on a scratch deck with a cross fa ...more

How To : Read tabs, chords, and notes on guitar

Want to learn how to play the guitar? With this two part tutorial you can learn how to read tabs, chords and notes for the guitar. You will learn how to read guitar music and notations so you will be able to play any song you want. Part 1 of 2 - How to Read tabs, chords, and n ...more

How To : Play "Trouble" by Coldplay on piano

Watch this piano tutorial video to learn how to play Coldplay's "Trouble" on the piano. These instructions are very detailed, including transcribed music, and are best suited for intermediate students who can read music. This helpful how-to video will help you play Coldplay's ...more

How To : Play chords on acoustic and electric guitars

Checkout this helpful interactive tutorial for learning acoustic or electric guitar. See how to learn chords for acoustic and electric guitars. The Guitar Chords section allows you to choose between electric or acoustic guitar, find any number of chords and hear them played on ...more

How To : Play "Clair de lune" on piano — Measure 1

Begin playing the first measure in Claude Debussy's "Clair de lune" masterpiece. This song has stood the test of time, and influenced musicians around the world. This makes it a really good piece to begin learning piano with. This video covers Measure 1. Get started learning ...more

How To : Play Claude Debussy's "Claire de lune" on the piano

Absolutely everybody has heard of it, regardless of whether they know it by name or not… "Clair de lune" by Claude Debussy. This masterpiece by the French composer is one of the most recognized piano pieces in the world. Debussy is regarded as one of the fathers of modern clas ...more

How To : Play the Beatles' "Because" on piano

This video teaches a piano novice how to play the introduction to “Because” by the Beatles, which was written by John Lennon. A close up on the instructor’s hands from above demonstrates the fingering for the piece. The view of the fingering is very important, since this video ...more

How To : Read guitar tabs with Peter Vogl

Reading tab is a great way to learn the next step while you learn how to play the guitar. If yo feel you're ready to take it to a higher level but you don't want to read traditional sheet music, tab can get you started in that vein while still showing you all the details you n ...more

How To : Use Your Kindle 3 eBook Reader Device from Amazon

According to, Kindle was their best-selling item this year, which means many, if not all of you are playing with a brand new Kindle on Christmas Day. Of all of Amazon's Kindle models, the Kindle 3 (6") will be the most common eReader in everyone's hands, either the ...more

How To : Use a compressor in Reason 3.0

This music production software tutorial gives some basic understanding of how to use a compressor in Reason 3.0. Learn what Compressor does, and how to read the knobs/gain meters of Compressor in Reason 3.0.

How To : Read Guitar Tab

Guitar Essentials My friends and I would secretly scribble tab in the darkly lit practice rooms in our university even though we were educated musicians. So, being able to read tablature, or tab, is essential for beginning guitarists. Tab is a curious way to write down music ...more

How To : Use a TI-89 to calculate nCr

This video shows you how to do a mathematical representation on computing the nCr function using a TI-89 calculator. You can write the nCr notation in different forms. It can be simplified from nCr to C(n,r). The symbol can either be read "n choose r" or "n taken r at a time" ...more

How To : Start reading sheet music for the piano

In this tutorial, we learn how to start reading sheet music for the piano. To be able to read the notes, you need to visualize what you are doing on the piano. A good starting point is the middle C on the keyboard. For a piano, you have horizontal lines in two sets on the shee ...more

How To : Start reading sheet music for the guitar

Follow along as Nate Savage teaches us to read sheet music for the guitar. -The first thing you are going to need to know are the names of lines and spaces on a staff. -A guitar is based on the treble clef. -Each staff has five lines and four spaces. -The bottom line is an E ...more

How To : Play and recognize slash chords on the piano

Slash chords sound like jammin' rock'n'roll riffs that are much easier to admire than to actually play. But in piano, slash chords simply delineate what chord you play on your right hand versus what note you play on the bass with your left hand. Get more useful info on these ...more

How To : Learn the basic 12 bar blues on guitar

Check out this instructional acoustic guitar video to learn an A blues using the basic 12 bar blues form and an easy riff. After you know the riff try some inversions of A7 on strings 1-2-3-4. Improve your guitar playing skills by learning the basic 12 bar blues with this tuto ...more

How To : Play with a metronome on the piano

This how to video covers time signatures, beats, and using the metronome when playing piano or keyboard. These concepts are essential to understand if you want to read music and play piano with accurate rhythm. Watch this musis theory tutorial and you will understand musical t ...more

How To : Figure out the key of a written music piece

This video is about how to learn how to calculate what key to play a piece of music in. The instructor tells you that you need to know two things: how to read music notes and how understand the Circle of Fifths. Putting together these two layers of knowledge you can figure out ...more

How To : Understand music accents

Join David Yzhaki as he makes learning piano music fundamentals fast and easy. In classical music, a measure that is in four four time (four quarter notes get the pulse) the first beat and third beat are naturally more accented than the second and fourth. Jazz, reggae, and pop ...more

News : +Tyler Neylon Creates 50 Models with 50 Legos

+Tyler Neylon, a programmer and mathematician currently specializing in iOS app development, recently posted a fun project to his Google+ profile: 50 designs with 50 LEGO pieces, a set of 51 photos. Given a small 50-piece Lego set this past Christmas (well, Tyler admits: "...5 ...more

How To : Play "About a Girl" by Nirvana on guitar

Learning how to play Nirvana's "About a Girl" does not have to be difficult. Tbone Wilson shows what chords and at what intervals to strike them at to be able to play the guitar part of the song. Use the e power chord and the g chord. The chorus, which requires a few more chor ...more

How To : Begin playing piano

Before you can start playing piano, you need to understand how the piano is set up, and how to read music. Pete Sears explains the alphabetic representation of the different piano notes, and discusses octaves and the relationship between notes. Then he teaches you everything a ...more

How To : Play a harmonica

Learn to play the harmonica and jam with your friends. Step 1: Hold the harmonica properly Get ready to play by holding the harmonica in one hand, grid toward your face, clamped in the crook of your forefinger and thumb. Step 2: Cup the other hand Hold it so the numbers are ...more

How To : Play The Smiths "Please Let Me Get What I Want"

This tutorial shows any acoustic guitar player who wants to learn how to play The Smiths' "Please Let Me Get What I Want". Without having to read any music notes, follow the finger movements and learn the frets to press on the guitar. For an added effect, a second guitar playe ...more

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