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Apocalyptic Cakes : Morbid Recipes for "The End"

WonderHowTo has seen it's fair share of strange cakes. Semi-gruesome cakes (brains), downright stomach churning cakes (cigarettes and meat), and playfully disgusting cakes (Star Wars spilled guts). However, our cake decorating realm has yet to see anything quite as morbid as ...more

How To : Make a Yule Log cake recipe

Learn how to make Yule log cake with expert Christmas recipe tips in this free holiday desserts recipe video series on making Yule log. Part 1 of 15 - How to Make a Yule Log cake recipe. Make a Yule Log cake recipe - Part 2 of 15. Click through to watch this video on expertvil ...more

How To : Cook an easy pound cake recipe

Learn how to make an easy pound cake recipe from our expert chef in baking dessert recipes in this free how-to video series on making a pound cake. Part 1 of 9 - How to Cook an easy pound cake recipe. Cook an easy pound cake recipe - Part 2 of 9. Click through to watch this vi ...more

RECIPE : Pink Lady Cake

Another recipe via Smitten Kitchen. This cake is so pretty! I might just have to make it as a ... VERY ... belated birthday cake for my friend, Elizabeth. I'll post images of my attempt next week.

RECIPE : Chocolate Mayo Cake

I have to say, a chocolate mayo cake sounds disgusting. But I am still curious to see what it tastes like. I just won't look at any scales for a year. Photo: Liz Gutman

RECIPE : Ann Brettingen’s Swedish Apple Cake

I have made this Swedish Apple Cake for two dinner parties now, and it's been a big success. NOTE: I do not use fiji, but granny smith instead. The cake is already very sweet, so the granny smith adds a necessary tartness.

RECIPE : Dimply Plum Cake

My favorite cake. Simple, easy and delicious. Make sure the plums are cooked long enough so they are soft & juicy.

RECIPE : Exploding Volcano Cake

Next on the baking agenda? An exploding Volcano Cake, in honor of the recent Eyjafjallajökull eruption. Luckily, Finkbuilt has a great HowTo (with a clear-cut, explanatory diagram to boot!). Click through for their simple instructions. See Finkbuilt's demonstration video bel ...more

RECIPE : This Memorial Day Cake Means Business

Got a couple hours to spare before your Memorial Day festivities begin? This super rich Patriotic Trifle looks relatively simple to make. YOU WILL NEED: 2 cups heavy cream ½ cup white sugar 2 cups milk 2 (3.4 ounce) packages instant cheesecake pudding mix 2 teaspoons lemon j ...more

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