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News : Red Dead Redemption

Personally, I loathe westerns. This trailer alone changed my mind for this game. An open world western where you do and go as you please? May 18th, 2010 can't come soon enough.

News : Red Dead Redemption Short Film

The full 30 minute short film by John Hillcoat that was shown on TV. From the description: Red Dead Redemption: The Man from Blackwater The director of The Road and The Proposition, John Hillcoat, brings you an entirely digital Western short film. It uses Rockstar's rich ope ...more

How To : duel in Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption does not do a very good job at teaching people how to duel. It is not intuitive and that leaves many people confused because it's not easy to practice. Sample duel. Once you accept a duel: In the duel, once you see the words "DRAW!" Press and hold LT(360) ...more

Red Dead Redemption : Act 1

Finished Act 1 (3 total) of Red Dead Redemption and it was disappointing. The act is divided into five important people who you have to do missions for in order to progress the story. Around five missions per person on average. Only Bonnie and the Marshall's story missions fel ...more

Red Dead Redemption : Lessons in Failure

So far in this game, my score card: 0-1 from saving a guy from coyotes.  My first ever fail in the game. 0-7 from saving a woman being attacked by coyotes. I don't even try anymore. 0-2 from saving someone hanged by bandits. 1-3 from saving a person being tied and dragged out ...more

Red Dead Redemption : A bounty hunt

A bounty hunt is simple: Go to the wanted board in your ranch or city and look for a wanted poster. Look at the bill and if it's to your liking, accept the bounty. Once you get to the gang hideout, take the boss alive for more money and fame, or just kill him and bring back e ...more

How To : Find the hidden treasures in Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption is a hot new game from the makers of Grand Theft Auto. The game is available now for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox. In this video, you will get a walk through of how to find hidden treasures in your game. Follow along and do exactly as your trainer does and yo ...more

How To : Mod Red Dead Redemption for the Xbox 360

Red Dead Redemption is a long, involved game that will suck you in for ages if you want to try and unlock all of its many features and achievements. This video will make the process easier if you feel like cheating a little bit by showing you how to mod your saved game to achi ...more

How To : Play co-op in Red Dead Redemption's DLC

If you downloaded the free DLC for the hit Xbox 360 game, Red Dead Redemption, prepare to say bye-bye to going solo. In the latest DLC, you can team up with a couple of your buddies to help complete the DLC missions. Thanks to the people at IGN, you'll find out a few helpful ...more

How To : Make quick cash in Red Dead Redemption

It is the hottest game of the year. Red Dead Redemption is taking the nation by storm. Watch this video to learn how to make some quick and dirty cash in RDR. You'll need to have most of the game unlocked already to use this trick. With some cold hard cash, you'll be ready to ...more

How To : Find the 9 hidden treasures in Red Dead Redemption

It's time to saddle up in this next tutorial. The game is Red Dead Redemption and the mission is to collect all nine hidden treasures. It may seem like a difficult task, but thanks to the people at IGN, it doesn't have to be. So check out the helpful video above, get your gun ...more

How To : Beat sharpshooter rank 10 in Red Dead Redemption

A lot of people seem to be having trouble beating rank 10 in sharpshooter mode in the new video game, Red Dead Redemption. This is when you shoot a gun out of six enemies hands without reloading or changing weapons. This video will show you step by step how to get through thi ...more

How To : Duel and cheat at poker in Red Dead Redemption

You know the saying, "if you ain't cheating, you ain't trying." That's the case in this video tutorial for the Rockstar game Red Dead Redemption. In this video, you'll find out how to cheat at poker and what happens when you get caught. This video will also show you how to due ...more

News : Red Dead Redemption LA Times Article

Red Dead Redemption LA Times Article,0,3266497.story Don't let the ugly cover art fool you, this is a great intro on RDR's gameplay. The article covers everything a person new to the game might ask. Aside of the ...more

How To : Duel in Red Dead Redemption and win every time

There is no questioning that Red Dead Redemption was one of the biggest surprise hits of 2010. With an amazing story, incredible landscapes and graphics, a beautiful sound track, and rock solid gameplay, you can bet no one expected how amazing this game would be! One feature t ...more

How To : Get five easy achievements in Red Dead Redemption

If you've barely got your hands on the hit Xbox 360 game, Red Dead Redemption, get ready to saddle up! In this old Western game, you'll be killing bad guys, tying up women, and be on a quest for revenge. But, along the way you can also complete some easy side missions or even ...more

How To : Get two easy achievements in Red Dead Redemption

This next achievement tutorial is going to show you how to get two easy achievements in the hit title, Red Dead Redemption. The two achievements are Go Team! and The Quick and Everyone Else...Together, they are worth 40 gamerscore. To unlock Go Team! simply be on the winning ...more

How To : Get master hunter rank 8 in Red Dead Redemption

It's time to go back, way back in this next tutorial. In the game Red Dead Redemption, for the Xbox 360 and PS3, you're taken back to a time where horses played a main form of trasportation and gun battles were a normal, everyday thing. In this tutorial, you'll be finding out ...more

How To : Get the Avatar awards in Red Dead Redemption

The guys from Achievement Hunter are here to show you not how to get a specific achievement, but instead a couple of Avatar awards. These can be used on your Avatar characters to make them look a bit more Western. The awards are easy to unlock and result in a mixture of differ ...more

News : Red Dead Redemption 24h Time-Lapse

Very cool video by Eurogamer showing the game world's 24 hour period in seconds. If you've only seen screenshots of the game it's hard to grasp just how beautiful the game is in motion.

Red Dead Redemption Review : 5 out of 5

5 out 5? Sounds too good to be true. Editor's notes: "PROS: Enormous, engaging world; expertly captures the look and feel of the Wild West; likable protagonist in John Marston, who boasts an interesting, worthwhile narrative  CONS: Errand missions can get a bit tiring; occas ...more

Red Dead Redemption : An introduction to the times

Here is the introduction sequence for the game, it's one of the best for this generation: The arrival of the player is mirrored by the arrival of the riverboat, as if the player is getting off the boat to a new location just like the characters. The piano music at the beginnin ...more

News : Red Dead Free Co-op Pack out today!

6 FREE new Co-op multi player Mission modes out for Red Dead Redemption on the 360 and PS3! A much needed boost to the bare multi player of Red Dead, you and a few friends can now take on more dynamic Player vs NPC missions. A description: The Outlaws To The End Co-Op Missio ...more

News : Red Dead Most Popular Game Since MW:2

Check out this article from the LA Times that picks through how awesome Red Dead Redemption is for its creators Take Two. Take Two hadn't produced any hits beyond the Grand Theft Auto series. It's been fighting to stay in the black since the last GTA game debuted in 2008. As ...more

Red Dead : Bring back a live bounty easily

Bring back a live bounty without chases. There is always a bandit pursuit whenever you try to bring in a live bounty in Red Dead Redemption. If you kill the initial wave of bandits, more appear seconds later. They can kill your horse or your bounty, and if you can't outrun th ...more

News : The Escapist Red Dead Review

Another funny video review from The Escapist on Red Dead Redemption. No spoilers so feel free to look.

Red Dead Review part 1 : Sandbox Gameplay

Red Dead Redemption is hard to pin down in game play and story. The game offers this massive multi-layered world in which the player can roam freely, offering plenty of challenges, beautiful graphics and atmosphere for the player to experience. Yet after some point the whole w ...more

News : May feels like November

A November release week in May It used to be that games marked to be blockbusters (expected to sell more than a million in their first month) would always be released during the holiday September to December season. November was always the month companies chose to release the ...more

Read Dead Review Part 2 : Structure and Ending

Story, Characters, and Structure Note: The first half of this review is spoiler free. There are spoiler warnings once you approach the later parts of the review. If you’re curious of the game but don’t want to be spoiled, just read the first half. For those of you that have f ...more

How To : Taxidermy a dead rat and add bright red LED eyes

This is gruesome. Beware. Don't watch if you're easily grossed out. The rat has a battery access hatch made out of velcro on its back, not shown in the film. If you solder a battery, make sure you do it quick - if the battery is exposed to heat from the soldering gun for too l ...more

News : May 2010 NPD Sales Results

Yes, they are May numbers, NPD is late by a month due to "IT" problems. They might have well blamed it only oil spill crisis. System Sales: PlayStation 3 154.5K PSP 59.4K Xbox 360 194.6K Wii 334.8K Nintendo DS 383.7K Last May for comparison: Wii - 289,500 Xbox 360 - 175,00 ...more

How To : Get the Austin Overpowered achievement in RDR

In this tutorial for the hit game, Red Dead Redemption, you'll be going after the Austin Overpowered achievement. It nets you a sweet 25 points to add on to your gamerscore must be completed by doing three things. You must beat the Twin Rocks, Pike's Basin, and Gaptooth Breach ...more

How To : Unlock What About Hand Grenades achievement in RDR

The title of this achievement tutorial in Red Dead Redemption may sound like you're preparing for war, but in fact it's quite the opposite. In this achievement, you'll need to get a ringer in the game of horseshoes. And that's it. There's no grenades or anything involved just ...more

How To : Unlock the Manifest Destiny achievement in RDR

It's time to go Buffalo hunting! It's also time to go achievement hunting as well! In this tutorial from the guys at Achievement Hunter, you'll be going after the Manifest Destiny achievement in the hit Xbox 360 title, Red Dead Redemption. In order to get the five points to ad ...more

How To : Get the legendary sharpshooter rank in RDR

If you've been fighting to get the legendary rank in Red Dead Redemption, for the Xbox 360 and PS3, then you're wait is finally over. In this next video, you'll find out how to easily get it in no time at all. What you need to do is disarm any six enemies without reloading or ...more

How To : Unlock the Dodge This achievement in RDR's DLC

This next tutorial is for Red Dead Redemption's DLC, Outlaws to the End. There are a total of 10 new achievements that can be collected in the downloadable content and can easily be added to your collection. In this video, you'll be finding out how to get the Dodge This achie ...more

How To : Get the Manifest Destiny achievement in RDR

Here's another Red Dead Redemption achievement tutorial for all you hunters out there. In this video, you'll have to be able to have access to the North in RDR. Once you do, find the buffalo and shoot as many as you can but let them run off. Then setup camp or fast travel to a ...more

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