Reflexive Verb

How To : Use reflexive verbs in Spanish

In this video, we learn how to use reflexive verbs in Spanish. All of the reflexive verbs are related. Once you have your verb changed, you will have to change how you are saying the different words in the sentence. If you are talking about yourself, you will have to make sure ...more

How to Speak Spanish : Reflexive verbs & stem changers

In this video, learn about los verbos relexivos. Some examples of daily use actions: Yo me cepillo los dientes. This means I brush my teeth. For most beginning students of Spanish, one of the hardest things to understand is verbs. That’s because verbs in Spanish act differentl ...more

How To : Use the entes de and después de verbs in Spanish

In this video, we learn how to speak Spanish: Antes de / DespuŽs de + verbs. When you say "antes de" this means before and "despues de" means after. Saying these in sentences can help describe doing something at a specific time. The formula for this is to have the "antes/despu ...more

How To : Decline using the dative case in Russian

Check out this instructional language video to learn how to the decline Russian nouns in the dative case. Learn Russian with Viktor Dmitriyevich Huliganov in his 12th lesson. He introduces a whole new way of tackling the tricky area of declining nouns in Russian. This is a fol ...more

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