How To : Remove stuck on caramel from a pan

Melt it right off baby! Don’t struggle with scrubbers and soap. This video shows you how to clean up stuck on cooked caramel by boiling it. Remove stuck on caramel from a pan. Click through to watch this video on

How To : Fix Stuck Pixels in LCD TVs, Monitors & Displays

This video will show you a few techniques for removing stuck pixels from an LCD screen. This is not a guaranteed fix. Please only use these as a last resort, as some of them can cause more damage to the LCD. Only attempt these if you are experienced and know what you are doing ...more

How To : Lay sod for a perfect lawn

The quickest way to get a gorgeous lawn is to lay sod, uniform patches of grass-covered soil held together by matted roots. It will go more smoothly if you know a few landscaping tricks. Learn how to lay sod for a perfect lawn with this how to video. You Will Need * A soil te ...more

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