How to Speak English : Reported speech/Indirect speech

In this Language video tutorial you will learn how to report another person's words. In other words how to restate what someone else said. This video focuses on two aspects. #1. What's the difference between quoted and reported speech? #2. When can we use say and tell? In quot ...more

How To : Use reference words in reported speech in English

In this video, we learn how to speak English: Reported Speech/Reference Words. Reported speech is reporting another person's words or telling what someone else said. Indirect speech doesn't use the use the exact words that we use. Examples of reference words are: her, she, her ...more

How To : Use reported speech with modals in English

In this video, we learn how to speak English: reported speech with modals. Modal verbs include: must, should, and could. The expressions include: have to and supposed to. By reading the sentences, you will see which words can or cannot be changed. If the word changes the meani ...more

How to Speak English : Reported speech with conditionals

In this tutorial, we learn how to speak English with conditionals. Conditional statements need special attention and usually start with the word "if". An example of a conditional statement is "if you want, we'll go out to dinner". This has two parts, a condition, and a result. ...more

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