Revit Schedule

How To : Create and control schedules in Revit Architecture

This Revit Architecture 2009 video tutorial covers how to create and control schedules. In this tutorial we schedule different wall types to manage the quantities of a buildings facade in Revit. If you are a beginning Revit user, check out the video and learn how to use schedu ...more

How To : Schedule with conditional statements in Revit

This Revit 2009 video tutorial covers how to add parameters for scheduling and tagging. In this case the objects being scheduled are parking spaces. The problem was that by default Revit is able to schedule the “count” of objects. We want to schedule stacker parking which mean ...more

How To : Create shared parameters in Revit Architecture

This intermediate level CAD software tutorial gets into the basics of creating shared parameters in Revit and how to create schedules to access them. In this Revit tutorial scheduling is meant to be used more as a spreadsheet interface for driving the model and not so much for ...more

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