How To : Plant and care for Rhododendrons

Rhododendrons must have lime-free soil and that can make them tricky for some of us that garden on neutral or limey soils. Planting in the garden is a waste of time and money. If you want, you can make a raised bed and fill that with acid soil but digging a hole in your garden ...more

How To : Reuse Old Coffee Grounds

Many people start their day with a fresh, hot cup of coffee. They purchase their coffee with care and enjoy it greatly. But what do you do with those grounds once you’ve drunk your coffee? Here are some uses for those used coffee grounds! Note: It's always easiest to handle co ...more

How To : Prune trees and large shrubs

When you're doing pruning work, stubs should never be left. Always cut back to side chute or branch. Stubs will die back, creating an entry area for disease and insects. In this two-part tree pruning tutorial, you'll receive advice on using proper pruning techniques so as to e ...more

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