Roland 909

How To : Program a Roland TR-909 drum machine fast

Old drum machines make some of the coolest sounds in modern music, but can be very hard to get used to for beginners. If you're lucky enough to have gotten your hands on a Roland TR-909 Rhythm Composer drum machine, watch this video to learn how to program it.

How To : Program Roland TB-303 or TR-909 synthesizers

The Roland TB-303 and TR-909 synths are two of the four most important pieces of gear in the history of electronic music, but every year they get older, more cranky, and further away from our contemporary ideas of what an interface should look like. They can be really hard to ...more

How To : Make old-skool house music using drum machines

Do you yearn for the days when house music had a soul and didn't sound like something that combat robots are supposed to dance to? Check out this video. It features a veteran DJ explaining all sorts of techniques for creating old-skool house beats, mostly using amazing 1980's ...more

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