Root the Note 3

How To : Build basslines from a root note

Paul from demonstrates basic tips and tricks to building your own basslines from the tonic note. Soon you'll be walking, grooving, and swinging your way up and down the fretboard. Part 1 of 4 - How to Build basslines from a root note. Part 2 of 4 - How to ...more

How To : Play power chords with a 5th string root note

Justin Sandercoe teaches us how to play power chords with a 5th string root note in this tutorial. Start out by placing your first finger on the root note and your third and fourth finger underneath. The tip of your fourth finger should be touching the sixth string. Push the t ...more

How To : Create and build chords on the guitar

For beginners, you may learn a few basic chords here and there, but somewhere in your mind you must think about why do these chords sound like this, why is this an A chord and this a G chord? Well, wonder no more! In this video you will learn how the construction of a chord wo ...more

How To : Hear various intervals in music and train your ear

Learning how to play guitar, keyboards, bass, even singing, you have to train your ear. Being an intelligent musician and being able to convey ideas is INCREDIBLY important in any professional situation. Learning how to hear various intervals from a root note will open up new ...more

How To : Add NES games to your iPod Touch with CUTEFTP

There has been an update with the NES emulator, so you have to put the ROMs in the /var/mobile/Media/ROMs/NES folder, and not the /var/root/Media/ROMs/NES folder. Another Note: you must install BSD Subsystem and OpenSSH through Installer in your iPod before configuring your i ...more

How To : WiFi tether your rooted Motorola Droid cell phone

In this clip, learn how to tether your rooted Droid to a WiFi network and use it as a modem for your other Wireless devices. This process is pretty easy and only requires a network and that your phone be rooted. Step 1: Just download the Wireless Tethering APK to your compute ...more

How To : Root a Droid Incredible in one click

The Droid Incredible is the hottest new handset on Verizon, and it's a great one. Do you want to unlock the true potential of it's amazing processor and other capabilities? Watch this video. It will show you how to root a Droid Incredible with one click using some software you ...more

How To : Play power chords on the electric guitar

Learn how to play Power Chords in this two part guitar lesson. This how to video Power Chords with a 6th string root note. You will learn about muting the strings and about root notes too. Watch this tutorial and you will be playing power chords in no time. Part 1 of 2 - How t ...more

How To : Play funk chords on the guitar

In this video, we learn how to play the funk chords on the guitar. These chords are more E dominant and require riffs that you may not be used to. The first chord you will use is an E7 chord, starting with the first finger on the root note. Go to the second, fourth, then third ...more

How To : Play slash chords on guitar

Because of its portability, the acoustic guitar can be wonderful songwriting device. However, having a pocket symphony in your head–or pocket, as it were–does you little good if your hands aren't on board. Fortunately, YouTube user Sawlon is here to help you train your head an ...more

How To : Play the same piano chord different ways

Chord inversions are a great way to use the same series of notes in a chord to get different voicings. For the example in this video use a C-major triad, which contain the notes C, E, G. Playing these three notes in this pattern is called the root inversion. The first inversio ...more

How To : Play slash chords or slashed chord on the guitar

In popular music, a slash chord or slashed chord is a chord whose bass note or inversion is indicated by the addition of a slash and the letter of the bass after the root note letter. This how to video explains how to play slash chords on the guitar. This tutorial also briefly ...more

How To : Brute-Force WPA/WPA2 via GPU

Most of you lot would be aware what WPA/WPA2 is so I won't bang on about the encryption or protocols a great deal. In short WPA and WPA2 both have a maximum of 256bit encrypted with a maximum of 64 characters in the password. The encryption is really only 64bit but x 4 because ...more

How To : The Ultimate Guide to Using Android Without Google

There have been some concerns with Google when it comes to how much personal information they track and all the things know about us. Of course, that's what makes Google services so useful, though — they can use that information to cater to each of us individually based on our ...more

How To : Hack Android Using Kali (UPDATED and FAQ)

Hello My Fellow Hackerzz.. This is my first How-to and i'll be updating the “Hacking Android Using Kali” to msfvenom and some FAQ about known problems from comments. So Here we GO!! For Anything With a *, Please See The FAQ for More Info.. MSFVenom msfvenom -p android/meter ...more

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