Rotoscope Using After Effects

How To : Rotoscope with Roto Brush in After Effects CS5

Whether you're new to Adobe After Effects or a seasoned digital film professional after a general overview of CS5's most vital new features, you're sure to be well served by this official video tutorial from the folks at Adobe TV. In it, you'll learn how to isolate moving fore ...more

How To : Rotoscope in After Effects

In this video tutorial, compositor Pete O'Connell explains a few of the techniques he uses to rotoscope in After Effects. Not many people enjoy rotoscoping but it almost always needs to be done and is a good thing to know. Rotoscope in After Effects. Click through to watch thi ...more

How To : Rotoscope in Mocha

In this two part tutorial, Aaron Zander takes an introductory look at Imagineer's Mocha and its toolset. Mocha is a rotoscoping software and is often used in conjunction with After Effects. Aaron demonstrates some basic rotoscoping to be applied into a Gatorade style look. Vid ...more

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