How To : Use a rowing machine

A rowing machine, or indoor rower, provides the benefits of rowing without the hassle of transporting a boat and having access to a lake or river. Learn how to use a rowing machine in this exercise tutorial. When using a rowing machine you should work back & biceps, do eight t ...more

How To : Do a one arm dumbbell row to tone the lat muscles

This may surprise you, but rowers weren't born with a perfect six pack of abs and Incredible Hulk-like shoulders. They happen to be in a sport that revolves around how fast they can move their arms from the front to the back with great water resistance. For this reason, profe ...more

How To : Improve your back and core with speed rows

You can always spot a rower because their upper bodies are like God's gift to women - perfect, broad shoulders, rippling abs, and capable arms. But you don't have to be on your college's rowing team to have a chiseled, Thor-like upper body. Try this exercise, composed of fast ...more

How To : Get your legs in shape for rowing

Rowing is heavy on the upper body, but the legs are important too. Gold medalist and one of Britain's former top rowers, Matthew Pinsent, shows his routine. This includes step ups and one legged squats. Get your legs in shape for rowing. Click through to watch this video on

Scrabble Bingo of the Day : COXSWAIN

COXSWAIN v -ED, -ING, -S to direct (a crew) as coxwain 70 points (20 points without the bingo) The definition for coxswain could be pretty confusing if you don't know what a coxwain is, but perhaps even more confusing is the fact that coxwain is not an acceptable word in Scr ...more

How To : Enhance your athletic performance naturally

Learn some tricks that will give you an edge during your next workout or competition. This video will show you how to enhance your athletic performance naturally. You Will Need * Caffeine * Fiber-loading * Peppermint essential oil * Probiotics * Compression socks Step 1. Ge ...more

News : Pour! Paint Puddle Psychedelia

Holton Rower's Pour recalls the lysergic 1960s at their most saturated. So much so that, had Timothy Leary been an abstract expressionist, it's easy to imagine that his work might have borne more than a passing resemblance. The process is essentially self-evident: build a flat ...more

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