Rust Bluing

How To : Give your gun a slow rust blue gun metal look

If you're building a gun and want to give it a slow rust bluing look, it takes some time, but gives a great looking finish to the gun. So in this tutorial from Midway USA, you'll find out the process of giving your gun that slow rust blue gun metal look. It's not too hard and ...more

How To : Cold blue a steel firearm to protect it from rust

Bluing is the process by which steel is made resistant to rust, and having properly blue guns is essential to their continued effectiveness. This video series will take you through every step of rebluing your firearms, including cleaning and polishing, solid and liquid bluing, ...more

How To : Polish and prepare a rifle barrel for bluing

If you have a rifle you want to keep beautiful and rust-free, then bluing is necessary step for its survival. It's a passivation process that has many different types used, like cold bluing, hot bluing, rust bluing and fume bluing. No matter what type you're going to perform o ...more

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