How To : Make lemongrass chili chicken with Sambal

Lemongrass chicken combines the sweet yet tarty flavor of lemongrass with the scrumptious heat of chili pepper sauce (Sambal). This makes for a dish that'll warm you up nicely during a cold fall night. Lemongrass chili chicken can be paired with a a nice big chunk of white ri ...more

Ingredients 101 : The Know-It-All Guide to Peppers

You can find chili peppers in practically every cuisine. From the sweet Italian variety to the spicy Thai bird's chili and the smoky Mexican chipotle, peppers are ubiquitous and universally loved. But if you find the range and scope of these little fireballs overwhelming, you' ...more

How To : Make seared scallops with orange & jalapeno

Seared scallops with orange and jalapeno are a quick and easy appetizer to try. The ingredients in this dressing will surprise and impress your guests. It may be just the right holiday recipe. Dressing: (Enough for 4 scallops) 2 small jalapeno peppers 1 orange 1/4 Cup rice vi ...more

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