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How To : Play the intro to the Fray's "How to Save a Life"

Want to play the introduction to the Fray's "How to Save a Life" on acoustic guitar? See how it's done with this free video guitar lesson, which presents a complete breakdown of the song and it chords. While this tutorial is geared toward those who already have some knowledge ...more

How To : Save your life with chocolate and a soda can

Learn this useful survival trick that could one day save your life! Survive by using this soda can and chocolate trick. Basically, you will create a fire with a leaf. Get tips from this how-to video, especially on how to best use the polished surface to point the sunlight into ...more

How To : Close apps to save battery life on your BlackBerry

Battery life is a precious thing on your BlackBerry. You use your phone for all types of tasks, so you need your battery to keep up with your pace. But how? Best Buy has answers. The Best Buy Mobile team explains how you can save battery life by closing applications that are r ...more

How To : Play "Someone Saved My Life Tonight" on piano

Playing along with your favorite songs is an enjoyable, and highly effective, way of developing your playing technique. In this three-part piano tutorial, you'll learn how to play "Someone Saved My Life Tonight" by Elton John. While the lesson is geared toward players of an in ...more

How To : Save more money in your daily life

This is video is a tutorial on how to save more money in your daily life. The video says that budget professional suggest that we need to set a goal. Decide why you're saving your money. Save your money to where if there were an emergency you could comfortably use your savings ...more

News : Doctor Says Google Glass Saved His Patient's Life

There's been a lot of discussion lately about the practical uses of Google Glass. Sure, you can use them for translating text instantly or further engraining yourself in social media, but how about saving someone's life? That's precisely what Dr. Steven Horng of Beth Israel De ...more

How To : Make char cloth to start emergency fires

Jason shows you in this video tutorial, how to make char cloth to start emergency fires. Making your own emergency fire-starting material could someday save your life! Making char cloth is an easy way to make an emergency fire starter with materials you already have lying arou ...more

How To : Bond a primer wick to any alcohol stove

Check out this brief video tutorial on how to bond a primer wick to any alcohol stove. Installing a primer wick to a alcohol stove is easy. If you have an urge to head off camping, make sure you have your portable stove, and make sure it has a good wick. If not, you're going t ...more

How To : Tie a one handed bowline with ITS tactical

In this video, you'll learn to tie a knot that could save your life in the wilderness. You can tie this knot one-handed, especially useful if your other hand isn't free, and use it to pull yourself to safety in an emergency situation. You can find the complete directions for t ...more

How To : Diagnose, prevent and fight throat cancer

If diagnosed and detected early, throat cancer can be treated and most people can go on to live normal and healthy lives. In this video, you'll learn about detecting the symptoms of throat cancer, and learn all about preventing it and fighting it. Watch this video and it could ...more

How To : Tape an ankle quick and easily

Athletes and accident-prone people, this video may save your life! Brush up on your first aid skills with help from this free tutorial. Learn how to tape an injured ankle quickly and easily with these step-by-step instructions.

How To : Create an A-frame shelter

If you were lost in the forest, how would you shelter yourself from the elements? In this video, Reggie Bennett from the Mountain Shepherd Survival School teaches us how to build an A-frame structure in the woods, even if you don't have standing trees or cord available. You ne ...more

How To : Use an Epi-Pen in case of an anaphylactic shock

This First Aid how-to video show you how to use an EpiPen in the event you or someone you know should experience an anaphylactic allergic reaction. Learn to save someone's life by learning to use an EpiPen properly. It is a great tool to know how to use in case someone you kno ...more

How To : Make a survival fire from a battery and staple

Check out this how-to video to start a fire using an AA battery and a staple. You can do this while listening to the classical guitar piece, "Malaguena" if you feel like it. It could save your life! With your battery: start by cutting the plastic away from the negative termina ...more

How To : Perform the Heimlich maneuver

Want to know how to possible save someone's life? Then watch this video to learn the proper way to execute the Heimlich maneuver. The Heimlich maneuver could help someone who is choking before the paramedics arrive.

How To : Perform the Heimlich maneuver on a choking person

Save someone's life by watching this how to video. Martin and Jayanti demonstrate how to safely deal with a choking casualty in case of an emergency. Learn great first aid tips and how to perform the Heimlich maneuver on someone who is choking. Perform the Heimlich maneuver on ...more

How To : Perform CPR on a breathing casualty

Martin reminds you all how to deal with a breathing casualty and place them into the recovery position. Watch and learn how to possibly save someone's life in case of an emergency. Perform CPR on a breathing casualty. Click through to watch this video on

How To : Adjust your iPod backlight

How To Adjust Your iPod Backlight: Here is a short film showing you how to adjust your iPod backlight, something that can even save battery life on your iPod. Adjust your iPod backlight. Click through to watch this video on

How To : Treat an unconscious choking adult or child

Unconscious choking can create an emergency situation. Learning to spot the symptoms of unconscious choking and react quickly to treat a victim of unconscious choking can help you save a life. Treat an unconscious choking adult or child. Click through to watch this video on vi ...more

How To : Tie an amazing no-slip shoe knot

This amazing knot may save your life, probably your pride, and certainly piles of your time. If you have kids you know how many times each day you have to tie their shoes. With this knot you'll tie them once and be done. This knot is easy to tie and can be untied as easily as ...more

How To : Survive a sinking car

When you are in a car sinking below water quickly, you only have a few minutes to free yourself and get above water. Watch these survival techniques - they may save your life!

How To : Prepare Filipino style chicken adobo

If you love Filipino style chicken adobo and the "How to save a life" song, then you'll love this recipe. Follow along or sing along with this cooking how-to video to learn how make chicken adobo at home. Serve the chicken adobo with a side of rice. Prepare Filipino style chic ...more

News : Jump the Shark!

This prank/stunt pays tribute the original Happy Days episode that started the phrase, "Jump the Shark". The elaborate prank involves setting up a ski ramp to an ocean buoyed caged (a la Happy Days). The shark is a realistic animatronic rental (I looked into it...they do exist ...more

How To : Tie a trucker's hitch

The trucker's hitch is a good, strong knot with many uses. It's ideal for securing a load in a vehicle, and was used that way dating back to the days of wagons hauled by horses. In this video the folks at ITS Tactical teach you how to tie a trucker's hitch, quick and easy. IT ...more

How To : Slipping out of zip ties

You're a prisoner of some dangerous people, and they tell you to hold out your wrists so they can bind them together using zip ties. What you do next could mean the difference between life and death. This tutorial from the folks at ITS Tactical will teach you how to strategica ...more

How To : Escape from zip ties using the friction saw method

You've been captured, and your wrists are bound together with zip ties. Fortunately you prepared for this situation, and you have a bit of 550 cord in your shoe. Using the cord, you can escape the zip ties using the friction saw method. This tutorial from the folks at ITS Tact ...more

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