How To : Do the "3 knife scaffold trick" and win bar bets

This video will show you how to perform a great bar trick/puzzle/proposition bet called the "Three Knife Scaffold". This trick is super easy, it just takes a bit of know-how. In this tutorial, learn how to place your knives in order to fool your friends and win any bets they m ...more

How To : Construct Scaffolding

Tim Carter demonstrates why simple pipe scaffolding is an excellent tool to use for outdoor painting projects. There is an alternative for working on ladders if you feel they are unsafe or wobbly. Pipe scaffolding provides a way to work at those heights with stability and a n ...more

How To : Build a scaffold out of a dollar bill and win bets

In this two part video, learn how to build a scaffold or a bridge between two glasses that is strong enough to support another glass on top of it. This may sound tricky, but you just need to know the secret. In video number one, you will learn how to set up the trick and see ...more

How To : Tie a multiple scaffold knot

Know your knots! With this free video tutorial, you'll learn how to tie a multiple scaffold knot. The multiple scaffold knot has a couple more loops in it to make it stronger and more secure than the regular scaffold knot. The knot is easy to tie provided, of course, you know ...more

How To : Play hangman

The quick and easy game of hangman is a great way to have fun with a friend. You Will Need * A partner * A pen or pencil * Paper Step 1 Pick one person to be the executioner. That person should think of a word or phrase for the other person to guess. Step 2 Draw a “scaffold” ...more

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