How To : Use Celtx free screenwriting software

Learn tips for using the Celtx free screenwriting software, including project library, production schedule, editors, and online services in this free screenwriting video series. Part 1 of 31 - How to Use Celtx free screenwriting software. Use Celtx free screenwriting software ...more


This is another great tutorial from Script Frenzy. I recently posted the Intro to TV writing and I will post more from this great site.

How To : Write a script for a documentary film

Mike from the SubStream's "Film Lab" has some tips regarding screenwriting, specifically... documentary scripts. Learn how to write a script for a documentary film. If you're making a documentary, don't think you won't need a scriptwriter to make a script. The screenplay is a ...more

How To : Use voice-overs in your video project

Contrary to some screenwriting gurus, voice-over can be a handy narrative device. By speaking directly to the audience, rather than dramatizing, voice-over cuts through the running time. It can also cut down on resources. Just don't overdo it. Over-baked voice-overs sidestep d ...more

How To : Write a movie script

In this series of screenwriting videos, our experienced Hollywood actor, screen writer and producer tells you how to write a movie script. Ron Becks guides you through each step in the creation of your masterpiece, from creating characters and settings to developing the plot a ...more

How To : Write your first screenplay

The screenwriter Gene Fowler once said, “Writing is easy: All you do is sit staring at a blank sheet of paper until drops of blood form on your forehead.” Here’s how to make the process of writing your first screenplay a little less painful. You will need a formatting guide, a ...more

How To : Describe action in a film script

How To Describe Action In A Film Script: This video provides you with the screenwriting basics to getting action down on paper. VideoJug shows you these tips which will send you on your way to Hollywood, so learn how to describe action in a film script with us. Describe action ...more

How To : Format a film script

Want to write a film, but don't know where to start? Worried that your film script won't be up to scratch, and wondering how professional screenwriters format their screenplays? VideoJug presents the basics of screenwriting to help you lay out and format your future Hollywood ...more

How To : Format scenes in a film script

Are you a closet film buff with a movie up your sleeve? Do you have a great film idea that's guaranteed to be a blockbuster? VideoJug presents the screenwriting basics to formatting the scenes in your film script like a pro, and giving those Hollywood screenwriters a run for t ...more

How To : Write Your First Script

Hello! My latest interest is screenwriting. I would like to share a few hints I find quite useful. I am a newbie, so the following post will not be taken from the treasury of many years of experience. Just plain facts,.. Thanks for reading! Step 1: In the Beginning At first, ...more

News : REVIEW - Marmaduke

Review: Marmaduke I liked the part where the fake dogs danced. The funniest joke in the long-awaited live-action/CGI adaptation of everyone's second-least favourite comic strip Marmaduke is actually intentional, which is kind of impressive. Of course, it's not funny in the w ...more

News : Intro to TV Writing

As a Screenwriting Student, I can never get enough basic tips on how to do something. Even something as simple as TV writing, which is what I learned first can be so tedious and difficult. I found this while surfin the web. Intro to TV Writing Television needs more good writ ...more

How To : Screenplay Format Guide (PDF)

Everyone wants to be a writer, but selling a screenplay is a tough job in Hollywood, especially if you know nothing of the industry standard screenplay format. Believe it or not, making your script stand out is actually counterintuitive— anything other than the traditional for ...more

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