How To : Apply old age makeup for costume or theater

Apply foundation in a shade close to your natural skin color or slightly darker. Make sure it is even and smooth. It is very important to remember when sculpting your face with makeup that highlight creates the illusion of an area coming out, while shadow causes it to recede. ...more

How To : Sculpt the face of a rock in Blender 2.5

In this Blender 2.5 video tutorial, you'll see how to do some fairly intensive sculpting on creating a rock face. This tutorial makes use of a technique very similar to sketching by layering large numbers of stroke over one another to automatically create much of the detail. W ...more

How To : Sculpt the face if you are fair skinned

Make up artist to the stars, Lisa Glassock shows us how you can sculpt your face with bronzer and highlighter. You will need a medium sized make up brush, bronzer, and highlighter powder. Sculpt the face if you are fair skinned. Click through to watch this video on

How To : Contour your face to enhance your features

You know how in art class one of the main principles of drawing realistically is shading an object to establish its shape and contours? The same idea applies to makeup application. While our faces have natural dimension and contours, their hills and valleys can be further emph ...more

How To : Contour and highlight your face for everyday wear

This video shows how to contour and highlight your face. First, sculpt your face using the MAC 184 brush, which is a dual fiber brush, and Sculpt Sculpting Powder. Brush the powder from the forehead down the side of the face and under the cheekbone, then underneath the jaw. Fo ...more

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