How To : Use basic sculpting methods in Zbrush 3.1

Are you fed up using Zbrush? Are you just not cut out to be a 3D digital sculptor? Nah, all you need is a little practice. Check out this three-part Pixologic video tutorial on how to use the basics when sculpting a head. You'll see how to make the perfect 3D animated head, an ...more

How To : Make a horse head sculpture

Working with clay is one of the most satisfying and relaxing hobbies. Watch how expert Jorge Benlloch goes step by step showing you how to sculpt the head of a horse. Part 1 of 17 - How to Make a horse head sculpture. Make a horse head sculpture - Part 2 of 17. Click through t ...more

How To : Sculpt hair onto a claymation armature

The final humanizing step in building a claymation armature is the crowning step, the head of hair. As hair moves independent of the body, and is not a solid unit, it can be especially tricky to sculpt out of clay and to attach properly. Watch this video animation tutorial and ...more

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