How To : Fold a super easy and quick origami seashell

This seashell origami craft is amongst the easiest you will ever fold. Yet just because it's quick and simple to make doesn't mean it's not pretty. If you're a fan of all things ocean and aquatic life, then these little seashells would be adorable pieces to place on your tabl ...more

How To : Make seashell-covered terra cotta pots for summer

Shell-covered pots are such beautiful decorations for the summer, bringing the beach into (or directly outside of) your home even if you live inland. They add a gorgeously breezy oceanic touch to your plants. Watch this episode of "The Martha Stewart Show" to learn how to ado ...more

How To : Make simple seashell earrings

Looking for new activities to do with your kids? From Simple Kid's Crafts, a wonderful idea to keep your kid's hands and creative minds occupied this summer! Learn how to make a beautiful and easy-to-make pair of seashell earrings with your children to get them started in the ...more

How To : Crochet a seashells pattern for left handers

Often in creating crochet patterns, crocheters will pick natural objects with natural symmetry or a pretty shape, like shells and blueberries, to be the inspiration for a new crochet pattern. In this video, the inspiration is seashells, which scatter the length of the finishe ...more

How To : Make a seashell craft mail organizer

Are you tired of the clutter on your desk or table from stacks of bills, letters and junk mail? How would you like to have a practical and attractive way to clean up that pile? Learn how to make a mail organizer with seashells in this free crafts video series. Part 1 of 10 - H ...more

How To : Make a seashell picture frame

A shell frame is a great way to show off your summer photos and host Lisa Bleyaert has a terrific plan for this fun project! You will need sea shells, a picture frame, glue, two sheets foam, a black marker, a gold glitter glue marker, and scissors. Watch this video activity tu ...more

How To : Make candle seashells

Martha demonstrates how to make a Good Thing: candles in seashells. Here's a creative way to turn seashells the kids have collected into objects both beautiful and practical: Make them into candles. Make candle seashells. Click through to watch this video on

How To : Make Amy Sedaris' Crafts for Poor People

The multi-talented Amy Sedaris (creator and star of TV show Strangers With Candy) has a new gut-busting venture, now available in bookstores near you. Simple Times: Crafts For Poor People is a tongue-in-cheek DIY guide to projects like seashell toilet seat covers and ringworm ...more

How To : Make a glass seahorse

This lampworking video shows how to make a seahorse and seashell on a spun glass base. The seahorse was made earlier out of Northstar butterscotch.

How To : Make a simple hemp bracelet clasp with a wood bead

Hemp jewelry is crunchy granola chic no matter how you style it. Made of rustic, slightly frayed natural hemp and adorned with natural materials like seashells and wood beads, hemp jewelry is as surfer chic as you can get. If you enjoy making your own hemp bracelets and neckl ...more

How To : Do a bohemian mermaid braided hairstyle

With sailors to ensnare and seashells to gather for their flimsy bras which break all to often, mermaids have little time to spare on their massively overgrown hair. When they have work to do and want their mane out of their face quickly they tie their locks into a mermaid br ...more

How To : Make a beautifully unique beaded windchime

Do you have a bunch of flawed beads left over after you make your crafts? You know the ones, the chipped, cracked, sharp ones that don't make the cut and usually get tossed in the garbage? Why not make those into something lovely, where the cracks don't matter? In this two par ...more

How To : Make wheat paste for explosives

Wheat is not just for eating, it is a great substance to make glue to paste different types of shells. These shells by the way are not seashells. In a pan and in a bowl put an equal amount of water in each. For example, if you have 1 1/2 cups of water in the pan; put 1 1/2 cup ...more

How To : Make a vacation shadow box

In this video, Meg shows us how to make a vacation shadow box. First, clean your seashells with a solution of half water and half beach. Then use any other finds that you want for your vacation shadow box! Take the items, then carefully lay them out where you want them. Use pu ...more

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