Security-oriented C Tutorial

How To : Security-Oriented C Tutorial 0x0A - Man Pages

Okay guys and gals, this will be a quick tutorial on using the incredibly helpful man pages. What Are Man Pages? Man pages are manuals for tools and functions which are provided for the *nix operating systems. These pages detail the syntax, usage and options for the queried ...more

How To : Security-Oriented C Tutorial 0x17 - Structs

What's up, peeps? In this quick tutorial, we will be looking at structs, a special kind of data type. What Is a Struct? A structure, or just struct, is a user-defined data type where we are able to group multiple variables together to form a convenient package. Why would we ...more

How To : Security-Oriented C Tutorial 0x0B - User Input

Hey readers! This tutorial will be the entry point for the introduction of buffer overflows. Something like requesting user input is a very common place for vulnerabilities to pop up and we will definitely have fun while trying to make programs crash. But for now, let's start ...more

How To : Security-Oriented C Tutorial 0x15 - File I/O

Hello readers, in this tutorial, we will be discussing how to perform file operations such as reading and writing. Types of File Access There are two methods of accessing files: file descriptors and file streams. We will be learning about file streams because it is a higher ...more

How To : Security-Oriented C Tutorial 0x12 - Scope

What's up readers? We have ever so slightly touched upon this concept of scope with variables but still don't really know what it means. In this tutorial we will learn the behaviors of variables existing in our programs and within functions. What Is a Variable Scope? A scope ...more

How To : Security-Oriented C Tutorial 0x06 - Operators

Hello again! In this tutorial, we are going to go over something called "operators" which will help us build upon conditions of control structures and also some variable manipulation. Without further ado, let's dive in! What Is an Operator? Operators are special symbols whic ...more

How To : Security-Oriented C Tutorial 0x01 - Hello, World!

Welcome back, reader! In this tutorial, we will be covering our first program! So let's get to it. We all know the unspoken tradition of the first program when learning a language and of course, here we will respect and complete it. Fire up your favorite text editor (be it vi ...more

How To : Security-Oriented C Tutorial 0x00 - Introduction

Hello there, reader! If you've clicked on this How-to then it means you are interested in learning some C programming or just generally curious about what this page has to offer. And so I welcome you warmly to the first of many C tutorials! Introduction First of all, let me ...more

How To : Security-Oriented C Tutorial 0x21 - Linked Lists

Welcome to the final tutorial of the series on standard C. This article will cover the linked list abstract data type (ADT). There will be a lot of abstraction to try to deliver the understanding in the most basic way for easiest interpretation of what they are and how they wo ...more

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