How To : Perform the classic Pick a Card trick

Adrenaline0Studios from YouTube shows how to do the “Pick a Card” trick. 1. Shuffle the deck of cards. 2. Allow the person you are performing the trick on to draw a card. 3. While they are looking at the card, split the deck while glancing at the card on the bottom of the top ...more

How To : Play The Card Game Declare

Definition Declare is a card game played by 3 or more people. If 4 people are playing the game, then one pack of 52 cards (without the jokers) is sufficient. For 4 to 8 people, two packs of cards are required, without jokers. Aim & Objective To have the minimum number of po ...more

How To : Do the faced upside down card trick

Spiderman demonstrates how to do the faced upside down card trick. The card you choose will be turned upside down. You turn the very bottom card upside down, make a person pick a card, flip the deck, get the card back, and flip the deck again.

How To : Play The 13 Cards Game "Ramee"

A 13-cards Ramee game is usually played between 2 players with one pack of cards. If three players are playing, then a 9-cards Ramee is played with one deck. For 4-players and more 21-cards Ramee is played and two or more decks are needed. In this article I'll explain how to ...more

How To : Perform the Cutting The Deck card trick

Do you want to be a magician? Well then join Ryan Oakes and his assistant Damian as they show you a great card trick called Cutting the Deck! You will need one deck of cards, a pencil and a piece of paper. Sometimes we use materials that require adult supervision... like sciss ...more

How To : Levitate a Playing Card

Ever wonder how to levitate something like a real magician? Well, look no further! In this tutorial, learn how to levitate a playing card from a deck of cards and impress everyone you know. This trick is easy to learn and since cards are so compact, you can perform it anywhere ...more

How To : Use the double undercut to control the bottom card

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to perform the double undercut using a deck of cards. This shuffle controls the bottom card. The trick begins with the magician asking the spectator to choose a card. Return the card on top of the deck. Then it will be shuffle and end ...more

How To : Do the Crazy Card Bend Magic Trick

Check out this tutorial for a cool magic trick that you can easily perform for your friends. All this trick requires is a little preparation and you will be wowing crowds in the bar in no time. With this trick, it will appear that you have selected a completely random and tot ...more

How To : Perform a transformation card magic trick

In this trick, the spectator chooses a card and returns it to the deck. The magician then transforms the bottom card of the deck into the chosen card. Watch this video magic tutorial and learn how to transform one card into another as a card trick.

How To : Do a bar card trick that will get you free drinks

Card magic is generally done to amuse the elderly and to scam the gullible. This video will show you a great way to do the latter and get yourself free drinks at a bar. The outcome of the trick is that you and your victim both cut to the same card in a deck after you bet them ...more

How To : Do the elevation card trick

Learn the elevation card trick with this instructive how-to video. Fascinate friends with your ability to magically make cards rise up and out of a deck as if levitating. You Will Need: • A spectator • A deck of elevation cards • A table Step 1: Have a spectator pick a ca ...more

How To : Perform the holy spit card trick

Impress all of your friends with some card magic, or as others like to say, card manipulation or card trick. You don't need to be a magician to learn the illusion of magic with a deck of playing cards. See for yourself how easy it is to learn... watch this video tutorial to se ...more

How To : Do the Jordan count card trick

The Jordan Count is the exact opposite of the Elmsley count. The Elmsley count places the card on the bottom. The Jordan Count hides the bottom card, and it places the cards back in their starting position. Begin with the hidden card on the bottom. You will need to do a block ...more

How To : Read the meaning of each "Angel Deck" tarot card

Learn the meaning of each Angel Deck Tarot Card and how to read tarot cards in this free tarot card reading and deck history video series. Part 1 of 15 - How to Read the meaning of each "Angel Deck" tarot card. Read the meaning of each "Angel Deck" tarot card - Part 2 of 15. C ...more

How To : Levitate a card easily

MYQUICKTRICKS Shuffle the cards and ask the audience to pick a card. Once they pick a card cut the deck and have them place their card in on the top of the bottom stack. Place the top half on top of the bottom half but stick your pinky in the back so to hold the place of the c ...more

How To : Do the card on a rope magic trick

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to do the card on a rope magic trick. The materials required for the trick are: deck of playing cards, rope, magnets and a bag. The magician begins by allowing the spectator to randomly select a card from the deck. Then the spectator p ...more

How to Do magic card tricks : full deck arrangements

In this online video series, learn how to do full deck setups and arrangements, creating opportunities to do card tricks specifically tailored to a prearranged order of cards. Part 1 of 15 - How to Do magic card tricks: full deck arrangements. Do magic card tricks: full deck a ...more

How To : Do an easy self working card trick

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to perform the self working card trick. The magician begins by showing the spectator the deck of cards and is asked to randomly select a card. Then the magician places the card on top of the deck and cuts the deck. Then magician snaps ...more

How To : Play Eleusis

Eleusis is a fun card game that is pretty easy to learn how to play. Grab a few buddies, and check out this video tutorial! Learn to play Eleusis – and the strategies that go with playing this game successfully. Step 1: Shuffle cards Shuffle two decks of cards together and ...more

Review : Reigns — Game of Thrones Meets Tinder

Reigns recently went on sale on the Google Play Store (sorry, iPhone users), and that inspired me to give it a go. I've wanted to try this one out for a while now, but the steep price tag kept me away. ($2.99 is a lot for me, okay?) Now that I've had some time with Reigns, I ...more

How to Do magic card tricks : full deck arrangements

Whether you are a budding magician, or just a card game enthusiast looking to bone up on his skills, impress your friends and learn some of the many ways to perform card flourishes. Our expert magician will demonstrate each flourish, with step-by-step instructions and tips for ...more

How To : Understand the meaning of each tarot card

Learn the meaning of each tarot card in the major and minor arcana in this free tarot card reading and deck history video series. Part 1 of 15 - How to Understand the meaning of each tarot card. Understand the meaning of each tarot card - Part 2 of 15. Click through to watch t ...more

How To : Do the blindfolded deck card trick

With 2 simple props and a bit of sleight of hand, you can be well on your way to performing an interesting card trick. Amaze your friends with this very simple card trick. Step 1: Look at top card Look at the top card of the deck before you perform the trick. Step 2: Put d ...more

How To : Do a "mentalism" card trick

The magician starts off by saying he will not complete the trick on camera because it is not for up-close viewing. There is a link to go watch the trick being performed. This is a mind reading-prediction trick. There are two decks of cards, red and blue. The viewer is asked to ...more

How To : Do the Siva count card trick

In order to do the Siva count card trick, you will need a deck of cards. You will need the four kings and one ace. Place the kings facing upwards and the ace facing down. Remove the top card from the deck. Flex the cards. Peel back the bottom card with one hand. You are taking ...more

How To : Double the Value of Your Card with a Magic Trick

This is a fun trick to perform on your friends, anywhere. First, explain to your buddies that your deck of cards is special and acts just like an ATM. They'll naturally be confused and ask you to prove it. That is when you take a low number card from your deck, swipe it, and t ...more

How To : Perform the card through deck card trick

Improve your magician skills with this magic card trick video lesson. This magical tutorial will show you how to perform the card through deck card trick. Doing the card thru the deck card trick just takes a little sleight of hand and practice. See the reveal of this cool card ...more

How To : Do the auto reversal magic card trick

In this video, viewers observe the auto reversal magic trick. The magician begins by telling the spectator to select the card. Once selected, the magician places the card back into the middle of the deck. The magician then reveals that he/she has no card markings. Now the magi ...more

How To : Count cards

If you think that card counting is only a thing in the movies then think again. You too can try a couple of methods to help you count cards. Like anything, the more you work on it the better you will be. If that friendly game of cards has left your wallet a little light, this ...more

How To : Play Trivial Pursuit

Expand on your knowledge! Trivial Pursuit is a great family game that can also teach you a lot in the process! If you want to learn how to play, check out this video. Stimulate your intellect with a rousing game of Trivial Pursuit. Follow these game rules to start the contest ...more

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