How To : Tie on obi in a butterfly knot on a kimono

In this tutorial, Akemi Solloway Sensei teaches a young samurai audience how to tie an obi (belt) in a butterfly knot on a kimono. This is a great decorative version of the normal obi tie. Watch this how to video and you can tie an obi in a butterfly knot.

How To : Do judo Japanese martial arts

In this online video series, learn judo techniques from 12 time U.S. National Masters Champion Sensei John T. Anderson, as he demonstrates moves such as the compression arm lock, forearm lock, Hadaka Jin rear stranglehold, breakfalling, Juji Gatame cross lock, Kate Te Jume str ...more

How To : Bow In Japan

In this tutorial, Akemi Solloway Sensei teaches a Young Samurai audience how to bow correctly in Japan. This is a very important way to greet Japanese people. There are different ways for a man and a woman to bow. Learn how to greet and bow when greeting Japanese friends with ...more

How To : Perform the Kotegaieshi Aikido technique

Getting someone in a wrist lock is sometimes the best way to defend yourself. See how to do the basic Aikido technique Kotegaeshi in this free Aikido training video series featuring 5th degree black belt and US Martial Arts Hall of Fame Inductee Fred Mastison Sensei. Part 1 of ...more

How To : Draw an anime Orochimaru from Naruto

This Naruto character is a very sinister and evil one: Orochimaru. At one point in time, he was considered a prodigy and was one of Konohagakure's Sannin. The Sannin is a group of three students of Hiruzen Sarutobi. The three members were a part of Team Sarutobi and they were ...more

How To : Execute a two handed grip shoulder throw

In this sports video tutorial you will learn how to execute a two handed grip shoulder throw. Sensei Angel Perez from Champion Martial Arts demonstrates this. Grip the opponent's right lapel with your right hand and with your left hand grip the opponent's right sleeve under th ...more

News : Gassho and Kokoro

At the beginning of every class, or almost every class, we do a series of exercises. The Japanese word for this sort of calisthenic exercise isundo. These exercises derive from the Goju style of karate created by Miyagi Sensei in Okinawa in the early part of the 20th Century. ...more

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