How To : Create sepia-tone images in Adobe Photoshop CS5

Want to convert a color or black-and-white image to sepia? With Photoshop CS5, it's easy. And this clip will teach you what you need to know. Whether you're new to Adobe's popular raster graphics editing software or a seasoned professional just looking to better acquaint yours ...more

How To : Convert an image to sepia tones in Photoshop

Jordan explains how to turn a photo to sepia toned colors using Photoshop. Sepia toned images are great for creating an old photo or monochromatic artistic look. Learn how to convert your images to sepia images in this Photoshop tutorial.

How To : Apply sepia tones in GIMP

This image editing software tutorial shows you how to create sepia toned images in the freeware GIMP. Learn four methods of applying a sepia tone inside GIMP: color balance, colorize, gradient map and solid color/color blend mode.

How To : Convert an image to sepia toning in Photoshop

This clear tutorial will explain how the sepia toning technique works and how to nondestructively convert a grayscale or black and white image to a sepia toned image. For the archivist in all of us, you'll have historical looking pictures in no time! Convert an image to sepia ...more

News : Our Favorite WTF Gadgets from CES 2016

There was lots of new tech to check out at CES 2016, but you could argue that the majority of the big-ticket items weren't the most unique things in the world. Thankfully, there were a few innovative, unconventional ideas on display, and here are some of our favorites. We Get ...more

How To : Tone photographs with sepia and coffee

Sepia toning can make your photos look like antiques. Learn more about sepia toning and toning photographs with coffee in this free black and white photography lesson from a professional photographer. Part 1 of 15 - How to Tone photographs with sepia and coffee. Tone photograp ...more

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