Double Take : Roof Riding Skyscrapers in Kiev

When I first saw Red Bull's Photo of the Month by photographer Serge Illin, I thought I was looking at some sort of skate ramp with an amazing back drop of skyscrapers. Look again- that's no skate ramp. What you'll see in the video and images below is 18-year old pro-BMXer Va ...more

How To : Hem pants so they fit

You will need marking pencils or chalk, scissors, seam ripper, pins and good quality matching thread. Mark desired length on each pant leg. Option 1: Stand on pants and place a pin where fabric hits the floor. Option 2: Fold pants up to desired length & pin. Take pants off; tu ...more

How To : Sew a lapped zipper with a sewing machine

These are some easy-to-follow directions on a sewing technique fore sewing lapped zippers on garments and clothing. You'll use a basting stitch to close the zipper seam from the hip to the waist, then you'll serge the center back seam edges separately. To see the rest of the s ...more

How To : Zig Zag finish seams with a zig zag presser foot

Even if you don't own a serger or a sew and serge presser foot, you can finish your seams neatly to protect your garment from unraveling. Use a simple method of zig zag sewing over the edge of your seams. This video sewing tutorial shows you how to do that with the seam presse ...more

How To : Create custom edges in 3D Invigorator & ProAnimator

In this tutorial, Serge Hamad demonstrates everything you need to know about how to create a Custom Edge in Zaxwerks Invigorator and ProAnimator. Create custom edges in 3D Invigorator & ProAnimator. Click through to watch this video on

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