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How To : Use a Serger sewing machine with Threadbanger

This tutorial video from Threadbanger will show you how to use a Serger sewing machine. A Serger sewing machine is used to sew the adged of one or two pieces of cloth. After watching this video, your clothes should be looking better than ever. Get sewing!

How To : Use a Serger sewing machine

In this video clip series full of instructions and advice for sewing and using a Serger, you will learn how to use the controls, the parts of the machine, threading techniques and much more. Part 1 of 15 - How to Use a Serger sewing machine. Use a Serger sewing machine - Part ...more

How To : Create Christmas tree napkins using a serger

You can make a lovely napkin shaped like a Christmas tree using just two fabric circles and a sewing serger. With a little folding, you can even make these napkins reversible! Great for a beginner to intermediate seamstress or sewer.

How To : Sew your own set of blackout Roman blinds

This tutorial shows you how to sew your own set of black out or Roman blinds. You will need some heavy fabric in your chosen colors, a large work table, a steam iron and a heavy duty sewing machine or serger.

How To : Zig Zag finish seams with a zig zag presser foot

Even if you don't own a serger or a sew and serge presser foot, you can finish your seams neatly to protect your garment from unraveling. Use a simple method of zig zag sewing over the edge of your seams. This video sewing tutorial shows you how to do that with the seam presse ...more

How To : Finish garments with a serger or French seam

The video shows how to finish garments with serger or French seam. If you have a serger sewing machine then you can straight away place the seam along the seam and stitch on the machine. The advantage of this machine is that it gives 3 fledge serger stitch at one go. If do not ...more

How To : Create boxer briefs using an old pair as a pattern

In this 3-part video, Chris White shows you how you can take an old pair of boxer briefs, make a pattern for new boxer briefs, and then create an entirely new one. You'll need some tools, and materials, including elastic, sewing machine with zigzag, serger, stretch fabric, pat ...more

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