How To : Shave your head into a mohawk

This guy uses gaff tape to measure out a sleek two inch wide strip on top of his head. He's very engaging and the end product is worth the wait. Shave your head into a mohawk. Click through to watch this video on

How To : Shave your head and avoid cuts

This video demonstrates the proper technique to shave your head without getting cuts. First the presenter starts by shaving his head a pair of clippers. After the hair is trimmed he fills the sink with water to clean the razor off. The presenter suggests you take a shower befo ...more

How To : Shave your head and face

This tutorial video will show you how to shave your beard and head for a super stylish look. This beard look is sure to catch the attention of all the ladies.

News : Prima Dunna

sneak into dunn's room while he's sleeping have wee man nail him in the cock with a plastic bat with some pretty impressive force. have bam and johnny shave his head bald (eyebrows, beard. ect.) then to top it off have England take a dump on him

News : 4in1

You could do this in a car or any were!!antique someone their first reaction is to throw their hands up. Then ducktape their hands to the face or head and punch or kick them in the nutts then push them over and shave their head.Warnings Head will be shaved Nutts will hurt Your ...more

News : What does being natural mean?

By Maria Stuart Being natural most black women who chose not to permanently alter their hair with chemicals. Natural hair refers to texture not color. While dyes change the natural color, they do not affect the texture significantly. As Head Naturalista in Charge at my univer ...more

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