How To : Use a cut throat razor to shave in the bush

A video about bushcraft skills is probably the last place you'd expect to find anything about mens grooming and shaving, but here we are. If you can use a cut throat razor, you can master any blade. This video tutorial will not only show you how to shave, but it will show you ...more

How To : Make Handwriting Fun

Letter formation can be fun! Few children enjoy traditional handwriting practice. Copying the same black letters over and over again with a pencil is boring! Here is how you can make letter formation fun while practicing with your child at home. Vary the tools A pencil isn ...more

How To : Clown about with custard pies

This video is a comprehensive guide to pie-ing techniques. You will need custard, whipped cream, shaving foam and a pie crust. Perhaps a villain. Different pie scenarios include the simple pie, the simultaneous pie, the pie launch and many, many more. Clown about with custard ...more

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