Shoot Targets on the Move with a Zigzag Drill

How To : Shoot targets on the move with a zigzag drill

Check out this video tutorial from Viking Tactics on how to shoot targets on the move with a zigzag drill. The Zig Zag drill is another favorite. It's designed to really push the envelope on what you'd call CQB-style shooting, which mean close quarter combat. Shooters work o ...more

How To : Engage targets with the triple threat drill

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to do a triple threat drill. In this drill, there are 3 target areas: the head, heart and pelvis areas. There will be 3 targets set up. Users must shoot the center target first and then move to the right or left targets. The objective ...more

How To : Take away your slice in golf

In this Sports video tutorial you will learn how to take away your slice in golf. Pam explains the potential causes and cures for the shot that goes to the right. A lot of people take the club too early to the inside thereby taking all width and circling to the right side. Whe ...more

How To : Shoot targets that are on the move with a handgun

In this video tutorial Todd Jarrett shows his audience how to shoot a moving target in a shooting competition and gives out tips that will help competitive shooters win more competitions. In this video Jarrett goes over many techniques and new vocabulary. He is very informativ ...more

How To : Play Your Kit in Battlefield Bad Company 2

Are you having problems because the game was released a long time ago and the more experienced players are better than you? Then you should be very excited to find out that I will be giving you some general tips & tricks about the different classes that I have learned the hard ...more

How To : Engage targets with a rifle using the 1-5 drill

Check out this video tutorial from Viking Tactics on how to engage multiple targets with a rifle using the 1-5 drill. The 1-5 drill is designed to both reinforce and expand upon the lessons of the 2x2x2 drill. Like the 2x2x2 drill, we use the 1-5 drill to focus shooters on d ...more

A First Look at Call of Juarez : The Cartel

The developing team Techland gets a free pass. Having thoroughly enjoyed their previous title, Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood, this sequel was bought on day one by good ol' fashion blind faith. After playing for most of today, it's still to early to tell if the game is a mess ...more

How To : Do the "Inside Outside English Drill" in pool

In this video, we learn how to play pool with the inside outside English drill. During this, you will pocket the balls into rotational order. The balls should be set on diagonal sides of the rail from each other. Set the cue ball in front of the first ball, then shoot using an ...more

Walkthrough Assassin's Creed 2 : Mission 52

Knowledge Is Power: But can power be knowledge, too? Pay a visit to Leonardo and he'll cook up a new weapon for you based on a mystery codex. After the cut scene, move out to the yellow map marker and you'll get some directions on how to use your new pistol. Lock onto the thre ...more

How To : Make a Super Cheap One-Way Check Valve

If you're going to build yourself a water gun to cool down this summer, or maybe just a useful water pump, you'll need some check valves. However, the most expensive parts of a water pump or DIY super soaker are usually the check valves. So, let's make some from scratch for as ...more

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