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How To : Get out of a car without showing your knickers

From our favorite British imports at Videojug comes a unique yet incredibly practical video showing just how you can get out of a car in a skirt or dress without showing the world your underwear. Get out of a car without showing your knickers. Click through to watch this video ...more

News : Exit a car without showing your knickers

The fine Brits over at Videojug are devoted to the world of tutorials. Revelatory, fun, procedural. Yup, it is a how-to. The cheeky tone simply adds color. Relax. It is just a provocative headline. The video is rated G, unlike our TMZ/Perez neighbors' eyewitness accounts fro ...more

How To : Keep your cables neat and tidy for organized Djing

In this video, I'll be showing you how to use T-Fix, a little rubber thing that helps keep your cables tidy. No, they're not for hanging bananas from the ceiling, and they're definitely not for flip pieces of paper across the classroom, and they're absolutely not for holding y ...more

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