Side by Side Videos

How To : Do a side by side video effect in Sony Vegas

In this tutorial, we learn how to do a side by side video effect in Sony Vegas. First, open up Sony Vegas and open up a couple of clips to your time line. After this, make the two clips the same length by pressing down on the control key and moving them with the mouse. From he ...more

How To : Prove side-side-side congruency

In this "Math Made Easy" geometry episode, you learn how to prove that two triangles are congruent (equal) by using the "side-side-side" evidence. By using "side-side-side" to prove that two triangles are congruent, you are stating that all the respective corresponding sides o ...more

How To : Run Windows & Mac side-by-side with Parallels

The video shows you how it is possible to be running windows and mac in parallel. Both operating systems, mac and windows, are installed in the computer and the video shows us how one can flip back-and-forth between operating systems. First the video shows us the desktop for m ...more

How To : Make a side-by-side style friendship bracelet

Friendship bracelets are a fun gift, and important part of your school years. In this video, learn a new bracelet style. You will find out how to make a side by side style friendship bracelet to wear or trade with your buddies. This video will show you a demonstration of the w ...more

How To : Dance the Side by Side Charleston

The Charleston was a dance invented in the 1920's in Charleston, North Carolina. Although the Lindy Hop developed from this popular swing dance, today the Charleston is an important dance in Lindy Hop dance culture. In this how to video, Mike and Tina from Head Over Heels demo ...more

How To : Tone arms with a side-to-side pull-up exercise

If you thought pull-ups and chin-ups were hard, guess again… this "side-to-side pull-up" takes the lead. Although tough, this exercise is great in keeping your arms toned. This pull-up exercise from Men's Health is ideal for the more advanced trainer, who has outgrown the stan ...more

How To : Run Two Apps Side by Side on Your iPad in iOS 9

After rumors and mockups and all sorts of speculated features, Apple has finally brought true multitasking to the iPad in iOS 9, with the long-rumored split screen feature (which is also in El Capitan) that lets you use two apps at once. This feature is actually two different ...more

How To : Exercise with the side bending lying on side

Learn how to exercise by doing the side bend while lying on your side. EXERCISE DETAILS: Primary Muscle Group: abs and obliques Base Movement: side bending Training Type: weight training Level of Difficulty: 3 Sport Specific: boxing, wrestling Position: arms behind head, side ...more

How To : Replace rotted siding on your house

In this online video series, learn from construction expert Jon Olson as he removes and installs new house siding to show you how to replace the siding on your home. Jon will teach you how to check your house siding, what tools and materials you will need to remove your house ...more

How To : Do side-lying core exercises

Looking for exercises to strengthen abdominal and core muscles? Learn how to do a variety of side-lying core exercises with tips from a fitness instructor in this free exercise video series. Part 1 of 11 - How to Do side-lying core exercises. Do side-lying core exercises - Par ...more

How To : Do front side pop shove-it skateboard trick

Impress your friend by doing a pop shove-it on a skateboard. Learn how to do this trick and its variations from a skateboarding professional in the free extreme sport video series Part 1 of 11 - How to Do front side pop shove-it skateboard trick. Do front side pop shove-it ska ...more

How To : Jump rope by the side swing technique

Jump rope side swing is a beginner jump rope technique for learning how to jump rope. Learn the side swing jump rope technique to learn how to jump rope in this free kickboxing fitness video. Jump rope by the side swing technique - Part 1 of 10. Click through to watch this vid ...more

How To : Perform Aikido opposite side wrist grab defenses

self defense someone might need to call upon. Learn many of these tips from an Aikido expert in this free video clip series. Part 1 of 9 - How to Perform Aikido opposite side wrist grab defenses. Perform Aikido opposite side wrist grab defenses - Part 2 of 9. Click through to ...more

How To : Understand server-side vs. client-side programming

This video helps you to understand the differences between programming languages like PHP and Java Script. See how to understand and be able to use server and client based programming languages. This is VERY important to know before you start developing websites. Understand se ...more

How To : Draw manga shoes from a side angle

In these great videos you'll learn how to draw each shoe from a 3/4 view. This is a pretty tough style, and Koizu takes his time, showing you the exact steps you need to take to getting the right look, also his voice reminds me of that one "happy clouds" guy. You know the one! ...more

How To : Position the cue ball for a side pocket shot

This video demonstrates the usage of several techniques to achieve a seemingly difficult side pocket shot. The rails are used to prevent a scratch. By going over all the different techniques, this video ensures that you will always have a way to sink a pocket shot. Position th ...more

How To : Get perky pecs and get rid of 'side boobs'

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to get perky pecs and get rid of "side boobs". This video lists several exercises for viewers to do. Users will need a pair of dumbbells for some of these exercises. The exercises in this are: chest fly, dumbbell press and a variation ...more

How To : Draw the female eye from a side profile

Drawing an eye can be tough. Drawing a female eye can be even tougher, because it needs a delicate touch. Drawing a female eye from a profile view is yet, even harder. But it doesn't have to be. Watch this tutorial to learn how to draw the female eye from a side profile. Make ...more

How To : Swim the side stroke

You can learn how to do the side stroke which is one way that you can swim. You have to kick with your legs to propel yourself forward and move your arms in opposite directions. Swim the side stroke - Part 1 of 4. Click through to watch this video on Swim the side st ...more

How To : Do the beginner pilates move Side Kick Swimming

Search "Pilates animation" on Wonderhowto for other more videos by this user. If you are looking a for a quick pilates reference, take a look at this pilates animation. This a quick & easy, clearly explained diagram of the pilates mat exercise: Classical Pilates for Beginners ...more

How To : Find the sides of a 45-45-90 right triangle

First you want to find X using the identities given for a 45-45-90 triangle. When comparing the triangles in the video, we find that X must be 6. Next, use the identity to solve for the measurements of the sides of the triangle. In the video example, 6 is the length of the two ...more

How To : Find the sides of a 30-60-90 right triangle

Does your geometry homework have you stumped about finding the sides of a 30-60-90 right triangle? Have no fear, in this excellent video, Davitily from Math Problem Generator explains the process step by step using easy to follow examples. The video covers common examples and ...more

How To : Pull hair up into a side ponytail

Side ponytails don't have to look childish. This video demonstration shows how to make a polished and pretty side ponytail. To create a unique side ponytail, brush all of the hair to one side, gather it and tie it with a hair band. Take about a quarter of the hair and twist it ...more

How To : Do the extended side arm balance pose

The Extended Side Arm Pose engages the core muscles and improves balance. Learn a new yoga pose in this video yoga lesson. Take action: let go of fear, engage core, find counter balance, use belly lock, and breathe and center. Cindy Mastry, the instructor of this how-to video, ...more

How To : Build your side ab muscles for a six pack

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to perform the best six pack abs exercise. In this video, viewers will be performing the plank and side plank exercises. Users should be straight and have hips pushed down. Pull the belly button up, squeeze the pelvic muscle high, poin ...more

How To : Do side deltoid stretches

Make your shoulders stronger with this routine of exercises and stretches for your workout in this fitness video. Take action: cross arm over the chest & pull against elbow, hold for 20 to 30 seconds, turning hand down or up for alternate stretches, and use arm rotations to st ...more

How To : Pressure wash a second story siding

Cleaning the siding on the second story of your house used to be a difficult task. But pressure washers have made cleaning high up places easier than ever. No need to use use a scaffolding or ladder. Watch this Home & Garden how to video to learn how to use a pressure washer t ...more

How To : Bind off on the purl side continental-style

This free video knitting lesson presents an overview of how to bind off when your pattern calls for you to bind off on the purl side of your work, shown in the continental style. For more information, including detailed, step-by-step instructions, and to get started binding of ...more

How To : Model of a pair of twelve-side dice in Blender

D&D nerd? Learn how to create a 3D model of a 12-sided die with this video guide. Whether you're new to the Blender Foundation's popular open-source 3D computer graphics application or are a seasoned digital artist merely on the lookout for new tips and tricks, you're sure to ...more

How To : Pressure or power wash home siding with Lowe's

Back again with another in their great informational series for do it yourselves at home, Lowe's presents this video hosted by Mike Kraft demonstrating how to pressure wash your home's exterior siding. Mike describes in detail the tools, supplies, and steps you will need to ta ...more

How To : Practice the Side Crane yoga pose

Looking for new yoga poses? Learn how to do the Side Crane Pose in this yoga video. To practice the Side Crane pose you will get into squat pose, place both hands to one side, place one elbow on hip, other on knee and balance knee on elbow and lift up. With this how to video y ...more

How To : Draw an eye from a side view

Drawing and sketching an eye side view (profile) lesson video free online lesson. Learn how to draw eye side view (female, woman) Step by Step how to video tutorial lesson. Learn from beginning rough sketch to finish drawing online lesson for comics cartoon illustration.

How To : Side glide and backslide or moonwalk dance

Ever wonder how some people can smoothly glide across the dance floor like they were dancing on melting butter? This how-to video demonstrates the moves behind doing a side glide and a backslide, or Michael Jackson-esque moonwalk. Follow along with the step by step directions ...more

How To : Do side dumbbell lateral raises

Increase arm strength with side dumbbell lateral raises. Learn how to work out with dumbbell exercises in this training video. Take action: begin with moderate weight, keep shoulders back and chest high with abs tight, doing slow and controlled movements. Michelle, the instruc ...more

How To : Style an easy sleek, side-parted blow out

One of the most important considerations you should have when getting your hair cut is your face shape. Round shapes in particular look good with long, face framing layers and angles, as can be created with a side part. If you have a side part and would like to learn an easy ...more

How To : Remove & replace warped vinyl siding on your home

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to remove and replace vinyl siding. Users will need a siding removal tool (zip tool). Insert this tool beneath the bottom edge of the overlap and pull down while sliding the tool horizontally. Remove the nails underneath and simply pul ...more

How To : Solve equations with variables on both sides

Confused in math class and need some extra help? This educational video gives instruction on how to solve mathematical algebraic equations. It shows you how to break an equation down and make them less scary to solve. Step-by-step instructions show you how to solve more compli ...more

How To : Perform a knitted bind-off on the "wrong side"

This video teaches the viewer how to do a knitted bind-off on the back side of the piece, the side that this is not usually done on. In other words, it is a pearled bind-off. First, do two pearl stitches, then go into the first of the two stitches and pull it into the second o ...more

How To : Create a Nicole Richie romantic French side braid

Nicole Richie is the poster child of boho chic. Whether it's her wispy milkmaid braids, her flowy hippie dresses, or her arm full of bangles, she always looks effortlessly gamine. One of her favorite hairstyles is this romantic side braid. Uber feminine and chic, this hairsty ...more

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