How To : Cleanse your sim of the mummy's curse in Sims 3

Has your sim come down with a bad case of the mummy's curse? All is not lost! There is a way to cure your sim of this terrible curse in the World Adventures expansion, and this video walks you through finding the fountain in the Sphinx's Tomb.

How To : Construct a Carnelian Chalcedony mansion in Sims 3

This is a very extensive and detailed tutorial which will teach you how to build a Carnelian Chalcedony luxury house from the ground up in Sims 3. You're shown everything from exterior construction to all the tiny detail work when decorating the interior. Part 1 of 5 - How to ...more

How To : Play your sim as a ghost in Sims 3

Why should death be the end in a computer game, even the Sims? You can bring your sim character back as a ghost after they die - just follow the steps to make sure that they come back as a spirit!

Nintendo E3 : 3DS, Kid Icarus!

It's been almost a century since we've last seen Kid Icarus start in his own game! The result of Project Sora, Kid Icarus will be released for the Nintendo 3DS! The 3DS was unveiled at the conference: Analog Stick Sensors Graphic update 3D Slider (decide how much 3D you want ...more

News : The Sims 3 Modern House

This is a house on youtube i made using the sims 3 but i am glad to present for all you apple fans the product like imac and iphone not the fruit. On my birthday i will be getting a ipod touch and then for christmas which is a long way to go but i am very excited of getting i ...more

Augmented (hyper)Reality : Domestic Robocop

This is one of my favorite (vaporware) videos on Augmented Reality! It shows the possibilities as well as the draw backs that it could have. Look for the 'Sims' like graphs showing that he has to 'Liquid Waste' to attend to, classic.

News : The Sims 3

The Sims 3 is one of the best games iv know for a virtual life game to build houses and families so that is why im going to be sending links of houses and families to you right from here and i hope you enjoy thankz for reading and happy simming

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