How To : Bring out overtones in your singing

Here's a basic walk-through I put together explaining how to bring out the overtones. I ran by each step really quickly so if you have specific questions feel free to email me. Some things that I left out. -when making the "L" shape with your tongue, think of it as if you're ...more

How To : Disable user account control in Windows Vista

Cancel or Allow? In this video tutorial, TigerTV Host Logan shows you how to get Microsoft's new operating system, Windows Vista, in line and singing your tune. To disable user account control pop-ups in Windows Vista, watch this how-to. Take a look!

How To : Learn a song about washing hands for preschoolers

This lesson tune teaches the importance of clean hands and how to wash your hands. The length of the tune is designed to match the time a child should spend washing their hands. If you child just want to sing the tune with out the introductory teachings watch the preschool vid ...more

How To : Read the poem "Hope is the thing with feathers"

This video tutorial belongs to the Language category which is going to show you how to read the poem "Hope is the thing with feathers". This video is a reading of the poem is by Emily Dickinson. Here is the poem. Hope is the thing with feathers, that perches in the soul and si ...more

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