Skating Backwards

How To : Practice skating backwards

You can practice skating backwards. There is a drill you can do. Set up five to ten sticks in a straight line and begin to c cut thrust down the length of the ice.

How To : Roller skate backwards

Skating backwards can be challenging but an instructor from Expert Village shows us two easy ways to learn. Several important things to keep in mind before you begin is to not be afraid of falling, make sure your body is relaxed, and your knees should not be locked. Now, from ...more

How To : Skate backwards

Sammi demonstrates how to skate backwards. The important thing is to try an go back and forth. Once, you get that down, try to create S shaped moves on the ice for better speed.

How To : Skate the forward pivot to backwards move

Ice skating is a fundamental skill in playing ice hockey. Learn ice hockey skills and moves in this sports video on how to ice skate. Take action: transfer weight from one leg to other, keep knees bent, and pivot as you shift your weight. Angie, the instructor in this how-to v ...more

How To : Improve backward skating in hockey like Jason Ward

Jason Ward gives us tips on how to improve our backwards skating. The first point he makes concerns balance and power. You want to keep your feet shoulder width apart and your chest up. The next point is the "C" it. The more you dig into the ice the more power you will get in ...more

How To : Stop while roller skating backward

In this how-to video, you will learn how to stop while going backwards on roller skates. This will help if you are going too fast and want to stop without falling. Make sure your knees are not locked and you are not going too fast. Take the dominant leg and position it slightl ...more

How To : Rollerblade backwards

After you have mastered going forward and forward gliding you may want to expand your skill set and start skating backwards. You will use a simple undulating motion that will allow you to propel yourself backwards. Reverse skating is not recommended for beginner skaters as it ...more

How To : Do a shove-it revert on a PumpRockr skateboard

With this video, we learn how to do a shove-it revert on a PumpRockr skateboard. This is a fun board to skate on because the skating system is different. The front wheel will turn in place so you can carve and turn as you are riding. Try out tricks on it after you learn how to ...more

How To : Do a backspin maneuver in figure skating

In this tutorial, Gina teaches us how to do a backspin in figure skating. This is when you are spinning on the opposite foot but in another direction. The most difficult thing is to find the right balance in your body. It takes a lot of practice to get used to this. You can us ...more

How To : Turn on rollerblades

In this how-to video, you will learn how to turn while riding on rollerblades. Start out by going into the ready position with forward momentum. Look into the direction you are going to turn. Keep your body over your skates. Push on the opposite leg of the direction you want t ...more

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