News : Squirrelsuit at 120+ mph

Thanks to the squirrel suit, AKA wingsuit, man can move from land to air effortlessly. Matchstick's jumpers reach terminal velocity within 15 seconds, flying at 120 mph. Matchstick Films had one objective when they shot this film. Ski off cliffs without thinking about the lan ...more

News : Sky Dive Terror

Step one. Find out who is most terrified of heights, someone inevitably will be! Step two. Organise a simple sky dive session for them and claim it will be great footage for the film because they're so scared of heights. Step three. Pre organise with the sky diving instru ...more

News : Kayak Sky Dive

Warnings THIS STUNT IS INCREDIBLY ENTERTAINING This idea came along while I was talking with my friends during school. During this stunt I will be sky diving in a kayak over the ocean or a body of water in a race with friends to see who can reach the water first and who can ...more

News : 2009's Craziest Adrenaline Junkies

The Telegraph presents 2009's most spectacular stunts. This year's roster of adrenaline junkies include the craziest daredevils of their fields: wingsuiting, parkour, motocross, climbing, sky diving, auto racing, and more. Gotta love the rainbow of wingsuiters pictured below, ...more

News : end of world stunt

The stunt is not simple. FOLLOWING THIS IS A NO AIRPLANE VERSION, and you do not need to get your freinds drunk in the no airplane version you need to get them into the fake house and using the fake bathroom. etc. Real Airplane Version step 1 and 2 Step 1 Part 1 Rent a F ...more

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