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How To : Fix a slice in golf

The slice can ruin your golf game, but you can fix a slice with practice and by learning the causes of slicing. Learn pro golf tips for fixing, curing a slice in this free golf lesson video. Part 1 of 19 - How to Fix a slice in golf. Fix a slice in golf - Part 2 of 19. Click t ...more

How To : Use the axis slice tool in modo 102

It slices! It dices! See for yourself the amazing powers of Axis Slice in modo! This 3D software tutorial shows you how to use the axis slice tool in modo 102 and higher. The modo Axis Slice tool is a way to subdivide the polygon surfaces of a model. Choose the number of slice ...more

How To : Fix an inside-out golf slice

An inside out slice in golf is not ideal. If you would like to know how to fix this issue, check out this tutorial. In order to fix an inside-out slice in golf, the golfer needs to use his body and avoid rushing when he gets to the top of his swing. Learn how to slow down to f ...more

How To : Fix your golf swing slice

BPS golf instructor Steve Bishop discusses a simple way to eliminate the outside to in path and produce a proper release just by getting to your finish properly.

How To : Use 9-slice and 3-slice scaling in Fireworks

This video shows you how to slice a button for a website using 9-slice scaling and then using 3-slice scaling. Scaling is done the same way in Fireworks and in Illustrator CS3, so the concepts done here in Fireworks, are the same in Illustrator. Knowing how to use these tools ...more

How To : Sample and time slice on Akai MPC 4000

In this tutorial video, learn how to use the audio sampling features of the Akai MPC 4000 drum machine. Our expert music producer will give you a tour of the basic interface for the MPC, and then show you how to load, chop, and slice samples, use the sequencer, and create your ...more

How To : Control a slice in golf

This video presentation details how to control and reduce a slice in golf. Materials required include a golf club, golf balls, and optionally a tee. Ideally a wood would be involved in this practice. How to control the slice is somewhat of a misnomer since the intent of the pr ...more

How To : Correct a golf slice

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to correct a slice in golf. A slice occurs because the ball is spinning counter clockwise. Some ways to correct the slice is to properly grip the club. When gripping it, do not go into a relaxed grip. Relaxing the grip will cause the c ...more

HowTo : De-Ice Your Slice (the Lazy Way)

The art of eating leftover pizza. Some like it cold. Some even whip it up into a leftover pizza sandwich. Me, I like my pizza reheated. The trick to de-icing perfection? For all the lazy bums out there, who can't handle the thorough (re: slow!) oven method, Aaron Mattis, of S ...more

How To : Cure that wicked slice

Although the slice is clearly a message from the golf gods to take a lesson, in the meantime our guy Stuart Smith suggest that the cure for our horrific slice could be a stronger left hand grip and a rounder swing.

How To : Master the backhand slice in tennis

Tennis professional Francis Ribeiro says that to master the backhand slice, you should use the chopper grip and you should load your weight on your back foot. The swing is a knifing action from high to low which makes the ball fizz with backspin. This is an advanced stoke that ...more

How To : Slice the golf ball

Rickard Strongert explains that to slice the golf ball, you must move your left hand under the club, so that your grip will be weak. You also should aim off-target and protect the right hand side. Slice the golf ball. Click through to watch this video on

How To : Use Loop Slice offset in modo

Devolped by the same team of engineers responsible for LightWave 3D, modo, lowercase, delivers the next evolution of 3D modeling, painting and rendering in a single integrated and accelerated package for the Mac and PC. And now, modo is a true end-to-end solution that includes ...more

How To : Sample and slice in FL Studio

This FL Studio tutorial video shows how to use the sampler to sample sounds or parts of songs and how to use the slicer to slice songs, loops, or patterns up to use in sampling. Learn how to sample and slice in FL Studio with the help of this tutorial. Great for hip hop or son ...more

How To : Use the Slice tool in Photoshop CS2

Slow-loading pages could easily turn off your website visitors. Therefore, if you have a large image on your web page you might want to slice it into different parts to help the page load faster. In this Photoshop CS2 video tutorial you will learn how to use the Slice tool to ...more

How To : Make Viennese cardinal slice

Chef Markus Farbinger demonstrates how to make Viennese cardinal slice - layers of genoise-like cake and meringue with a filling of espresso whipped cream. In part one, Chef Farbinger demonstrates how to prepare the pastry tray and make meringues with a pastry bag. Make Vienne ...more

How To : Slice a ripe peach with a forward cut

Generally if you can get your knife through a peach and produce smaller, more bite-sized chunks, that's good enough. We're not all too picky about how beautiful our peach slices look when we're scarfing one down post workout, but sometimes it's important to give a good present ...more

How To : Kill a golf slice in a hurry

Jeff Ritter from the PGA shows you how to eliminate your slice by focusing on your swing shape. The way this is done is by eliminating any bad waggle from your gold swing. In order to correct this you take two balls. The first ball is set behind the tee about a foot back. A se ...more

How To : Program slice lists in Python

Bucky from The New Boston serves up this Python video tutorial on how to program slice lists in Python. This is the program you use to write all of your Python code down. Slice Python! Python is a dynamic, object-oriented, high-level, programming language that can be used for ...more

How To : Edge slice inside polygons within modo

Developed by the same team of engineers responsible for LightWave 3D, modo, lowercase, delivers the next evolution of 3D modeling, painting and rendering in a single integrated and accelerated package for the Mac and PC. And now, modo is a true end-to-end solution that include ...more

How To : Slice and blend videos using Adobe Premiere Pro

This tutorial shows you how to cut or slice up a video and blend it with another video. Another name for this would be editing. This example is simple, but you can make your own video editing as complicated as you want. There's no sound so you'll need to pay attention and be s ...more

How To : Use slice serves to serve with spin in tennis

If you've mastered the basic tennis serve, it's time to move on to the more advanced styles. If you want to put spin on your serves like Rafael Nadal instead of going for pure power, the slice serve is probably for you, and this video will teach you how to do it.

How To : Handle a knife and safely speed slice food

Chef John Gargone explains in detail on how to handle a knife, and also shows a knife cutting demonstration blind folded. Chef John shows you how to speed slice with a French knife. He uses a 10" knife and a 16" knife for more heavy duty chopping. You want high carbon steel so ...more

How To : Slice, dice and mash strawberries

Whether you're making a strawberry shortcake recipe, strawberry jam, or even a refreshing strawberry smoothie, make preparation easy when creating your favorite strawberry recipes with's strawberry slicing, dicing, and mashing tips. Slice, dice and mash strawber ...more

How To : Correct a slice in golf

Many golfers slice their entire lives without realizing that by making a few simple adjustments to their golf swing, it can be easily corrected. Try theses tips to correct slices on the green.

How To : Bake colorful citrus slice cookies

Just because the weather is gloomy outside and Frosty has taken his place outside on your front lawn for a few weeks doesn't mean you can get a taste of the tropics. In fact, citrus fruits come into season during the winter months. Harness their tangy flavor by baking these c ...more

How To : Take away your slice in golf

In this Sports video tutorial you will learn how to take away your slice in golf. Pam explains the potential causes and cures for the shot that goes to the right. A lot of people take the club too early to the inside thereby taking all width and circling to the right side. Whe ...more

How To : Slice up images for HTML image maps in GIMP

See how to use GIMP to generate a HTML image map in minutes. This mimics the slice function from Photoshop. Whether you're new to the GNU Image Manipulation Program, GNU's popular free graphics editor, or a seasoned designer just looking to pick up a few new tips and tricks, y ...more

How To : Cure the slice in golf with the bottle drill

This video on golf will show you how to correct the Over the Top Swing Path by the bottle drill. It is presented by Blake Famularo, a PGA apprentice. If you are troubled by your nasty slice, you can correct it by this bottle drill. Put an empty plastic bottle about four inches ...more

How To : Make a quick & easy apple slice cake

Sift together the flour, baking soda, baking powder and salt. If you are not into sifting, make sure you mix it well. Mix the eggs, sugar (a little at a time), vanilla, cinnamon and oil. Add the flour mix a little at a time to the wet mix in step 2. Slice apples and work in ...more

How To : Peel & slice an orange into a bowl

Otoro makes peeling oranges look easy. Step 1: Cut off the top and bottom edges of the orange. Step 2: Slice the orange in half. Step 3: Using your knife, gently separate the skin of the orange from the slices inside, guiding your knife around the inner edge of the skin. Step ...more

How To : Slice an apple like a pro

Treat yourself to a low-cal crunch with apple slices – perfect for dipping. You Will Need * Several apples * Cutting board * Melon baller * Paring knife * Caramel * Peanut butter Step 1 Rinse and dry your apples. Step 2 Place one on a cutting board and slice it in half lengt ...more

How To : Peel and slice mango, kiwi and passion fruits

Martha Stewart answers questions about serving tropical fruit. Allow mangos to ripen; when it's ready it will give slightly when pressed. As with any other fruit, make sure to smell it first, good ones will have a fragrant aroma. Choose kiwis that are large and plump and give ...more

How To : Slice, Dice, and Chop an Onion

This is another video on the right way to cut and prepare vegetables and fruits. In this one I outline what is the best way to cut, dice, and chop an onion before you cook it. It will definitely help you prepare a delicious meal. Hope you enjoy it as well.

How To : Slice and dice a tomato to prepare it for cooking

Tomatoes can be cut in many different ways for cooking, or into ornamental shapes for garnish, but there exists a basic way of dicing and slicing them up to make them taste the most delicious when you cook them. If you want to make the most savory tomatoes ever, then this vid ...more

How To : Slice an avocado

Successful avocado slicing depends on not following the banana model of peel first, then slicing. Avocados are best sliced with the skin still on.

How To : Peel, Slice and Chop a Kiwi

We all know that Kiwis can be hard to cut, especially with that furry skin. But in this video, I'll show you the exact steps that you need to take in order to get it done right. The best part—you'll be using a spoon to peel it. Also, I hope that you feel like a boss while you' ...more

How To : Dice, mince and slice onions and shallots

Developing your knife skills are the true way to becoming a better cook, or chef, in the kitchen. And lesson 101 for developing those knife skills are dicing, slicing and mincing. In this video, chef Jason Hill shows you the techniques that he uses for dicing and slicing onion ...more

How To : Make easy slice and bake cookies for the holidays

Use this technique to cut cookie dough into slices, using dental floss or a very sharp knife. You must already have dough made for this video. This technique is useful for those holiday sugar cookies. Nothing yummier than Christmas cookies!

How To : Slice up a fresh pineapple

Brian demonstrates a simple method of cutting a pineapple in this entertaining video. He starts reviewing some pineapple research. Pineapples are named after pinecones! Brian also discusses the concerns of eating pineapple for people with certain health conditions. First twist ...more

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