How To : Make a paper slingshot gun that shoots

A tutorial on how to make a paper slingshot gun that shoots. Things you'll need: Bond Paper, Elastic, Scissor and Duct tape. Roll the bond paper half-wise. Secure with duct tape. Get another bond paper and fold it in half. Cut. Roll the cut bond papers length-wise and secure w ...more

How To : Make a heavy duty aluminum laser-guided slingshot

In today's day of mobile devices and improved technology, anything of yesterday can be considered retro— even a freakin' slingshot! Yes, that's right— forget fallen down tree branches. A rubber band and tree limb ain't going to cut it anymore. These days, kids need accuracy, a ...more

How To : Make a slingshot paper

Check out this amazing practice which shows how to make a simple slingshot paper with schoolboy material... you can almost see your teacher screaming !

News : Three Man Slingshot

I have this 3 man water balloon launcher called a wildsling. It fires water balloons really far, really fast. You guys could fire balloons at each other or load it with eggs, ice cubes, or just anything the size of a child's head (not tried that one (yet)) or smaller.

How To : Use Slingshot, Facebook's New Snapchat Competitor

It looks like Snapchat, it feels like Snapchat, but after using it for a few minutes, you realize there is a huge difference between Facebook's new Slingshot app and the Snapchat we've all grown so accustomed to. Video: . Unlike Snapchat, Slingshot facilitates reciprocation am ...more

How To : Make an office slingshot

Your office weapon of choice: a slingshot! All you need are a compass, scissors, a rubber band and a piece of paper and the battle shall insue. Make an office slingshot. Click through to watch this video on

News : Giant slingshot

How about a giant slingshot that would shoot a cast member atleast 100 feet across and onto a lake,

News : soap box slingshot bowling

Make a giant slingshot to shoot Dunn and Bam down hill in soap box derby cars to knock down giant bowling pins. For added fun see if Knoxville can't make it through a loop in one of the cars.

How To : Perform the hand juggle slingshot in salsa

If you're interested in learning salsa, learning a couple of dance moves doesn't mean that you're done. There are many techniques and moves that need to be perfected and can help improve your dancing skills. In this next tutorial, you'll be finding out how to learn a salsa da ...more

News : Jetski slingshot

Imagine the river and all its nobleness until the Jetski rips into the frame. In the distance you see a line across the river. Instead of inspecting the line the rider (Robb-me) goes full throttle at the line ( bunji-cord) Then the rider stands up just in time to catch it on t ...more

News : A fight withpoo filled guns, cannons, slingshots etc

You split into teams and load your selves up with poo filled guns, poo filled cannons, and poo filled slingshots. Then you fight! Its like an extreme version of paintball ( or pooball in this case ). The teams could make poo traps along the way, like when somebody steps on som ...more

How To : 5 Mario Kart Tour Tricks You Need to Know About

So you can't seem to win in Mario Kart Tour? Whether it's your first game in the Mario Kart series or not, Mario Kart Tour can be challenging, especially when you don't know the tracks. Instead of struggling your way through the cups, try out these five tips to get a leg up. ...more

News : World's Most Badass Swing Set

My stomach is doing somersaults just watching this. Looks fun, albeit incredibly dangerous. Take it down a notch (or fifty) and build an indoor swing this winter. Previously, Deeply Trusting Female Volunteers Bod to Redneck Science: First Human Slingshot. Human Powered Ferris ...more

News : Angry Clones Are Taking Over the App World

In December 2009, Angry Birds was released to the public. The iPhone and iPod touch were the first to take on the demand, then a devoted HD version for the iPad. Since then, it's transcended iOS devices to appear on Android, Nokia, Palm phones, and many others. Next, it broke ...more

News : Mudhole + Trackhoe = Ultimate Redneck Waterskiing

As said in the video below, "In South Carolina, you don't need no bass boat. All you need is a trackhoe and a mudhole." Those rednecks. So resourceful. Using arms instead of fishing rods, modding a '91 Cavalier into a roller coaster, converting a bath tub to a hot tub.  The ...more

How To : Say the names of weapons in French

Watch to learn how to say the names of some weapons, like a machete and a grenade, in French. une balle - bullet une grenade - grenade un fusil - rifle un pistolet - pistol un révolvaire - revolver une machette - machete un canif - penknife un canon - cannon un couteau - knif ...more

How To : Make a sling shot with a stick and soccer ball

This video demonstrates how to construct a sling shot out of a soccer ball. You will need an old soccer ball or tire tube, a "Y" shaped stick, and a pair of scissors. Slice the soccer ball open to remove the rubber lining. Next, cut two thin strips of the rubber lining. Cut ou ...more

How To : Make a homemade catapult

This is an advanced version of the classic "rubberband and pencil slingshot" that you've probably made a million times when bored in class. Watch and see how to make a homemade catapult out of office or school supplies.

News : Launch Cars Off Cliffs For Fun

More redneck fun. Bob Moravitz plus family and friends have created an 8 hour event of propelling vehicles off cliffs. Held yearly, admission is free but donations are encouraged (to cover insurance costs). "“The idea was inspired last year by boredom and a strong desire to d ...more

How To : Do Lindy Hop swing dance moves

This how to video teaches you some advanced Lindy Hop swing dance moves. Learn how to do an inside turn, an inside turn with slingshot, and a whip to free spin, as well as some other moves. Watch this video and you will be dancing the Lindy Hop in no time. Part 1 of 6 - How to ...more

News : Turbo Turkey - Cook the Damn Bird Above the Camshaft

So, I suppose we're going both redneck and Thanksgiving turkey twice today (Redneck Slingshot Chick + Extreme Thanksgiving Recipes). Something about home for the holidays inspires... and this is pretty darn great. USA Today posts a HowTo from the book Manifold Destiny (by Chr ...more

News : The best messed up prank segment

Apply ants to inside of straight jacket Convince someone that they can get out of a straight jacket (Use a magician to show them how to get out) Bet a large sum of money that they can't do it blind folded Insert person into ant-filled straight jacket Load paintball guns ...more

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