Smoke Bombs Pull Ring

How To : Pull Off the Smoke Bomb Inside a Candle Prank

The title pretty much speaks for it's self, basically you'll be putting a smoke bomb inside a candle. Obviously you'll be modifying the candle's appearance but make sure you do at good job at disguising the smoke bomb. Next time someone tries to light the candle, they'll be in ...more

How To : Make a pull ring for a smoke grenade

Sick of the same old bomb-making videos? Well, this one might peak your interest, even if it doesn't tell you exactly how to make the smoke part. Check this out to see how to make a pull ring for a smoke grenade. To make a pull-ring, you'll need some matches, a matchbox with ...more

How To : Make a ring pull smoke grenade

Shooting Eggs Presents how to make a smoke bomb. First fill a drinking straw with match heads, secure it with tissue. Next stick on matches surrounding the straw. Remove the striker from the match box. With a paper clip make a circle that is connected to the striker. Insert a ...more

News : Smoke Bombs Make Beautiful Art

What is it about the infamous colored smoke bomb that is so deeply satisfying, so beautiful? Well, first there's an explosion (always fun), which then yields beautiful billowing clouds of saturated color. Check out artist Olaf Breuning's Smoke Bombs, 2008. Here's a rainbow of ...more

How To : Blow consistently perfect smoke rings

Smoking is injurious to health, we all know this fact, but sometimes its fun to know what kind of tricks you can actually pull off while smoking. By opening your mouth to form an oval shaped aperture and blowing the smoke out by raising and lowering the lower jaw (the present ...more

How To : Create a smoke ring

This is a video demonstrating how to puff a smoke ring. The video shows to young men smoking a hookah and telling us that they will demonstrate how to do a smoke ring. The video explains that blowing the smoke ring is primarily a motion of the jaw. The motion is performed by p ...more

News : Steal This Smoke Bomb Recipe

Known for being one of the most devious scoundrels of the sixties, rebel activist Abbie Hoffman went down in history (among other things) for his publication Steal This Book, a guide to living for free- "a manual of survival in the prison that is Amerika". Boing Boing has exce ...more

How To : Create a smoke emitting bomb

This video will teach you how to make a good performance smoke bomb. So, break into your cupboards and pull out the sugar, organic dye, potassium nitrate, and the sodium bicarbonate. Then let the smoke out begin. Just make sure to finely grind the potassium nitrate before addi ...more

How To : Make a Ping-Pong ball smoke grenade

If you have millions of Ping-Pong balls at your disposal, then you should probably check out this video tutorial on how to put them to another use than just a tabletop game. Make a Ping-Pong ball smoke bomb! This smoke screen grenade will be easy to make and fun. Pull out so ...more

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