Snowball Fight

News : Crapball fight

this is my idea get dog crap or something and have like a snowball fight but instead use crap and throw it at each other

News : Happy Easter! Celebrate With a Peeps-Show

The Washington Post challenged their readers to create "a three-dimensional essay on the state of the nation's collective consciousness, a sticky finger on the pulse of what's popular"...using Peeps. The fourth annual Peeps Diorama Contest attracted more than 1,100 entries. T ...more

How To : Make Homemade Microwaveable Foot Warmers

Well, Ol' Man Winter is upon us yet again, blasting us with his icy breath. When I was a kid, I loved wintertime because it meant the prospect of sledding, snowball fights & missed school days in which to enjoy both. Now that I'm 45, however, my attitude toward the season has ...more

How To : 10 Resolution Ruiners & How to Avoid Them

The start of a new year is generally thought of as a chance to start over, a time to improve or "fix" things in your life. Yet most people who set stringent New Year's resolutions find themselves failing within weeks—or even days—of setting their lofty goals. Don't Miss: 6 Al ...more

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