Snowboard Basics

How To : Master basic mobility on your snowboard

In this video we learn how to master basic mobility on your snowboard. Look and point in the direction you want to travel then transfer weight onto your back foot and slide the snowboard forward. Transfer weight onto your front foot to enable the board to glide forward. Change ...more

How To : Do basic turns in snowboarding

In this video, we learn how do perform basic turns while snowboarding. To start out, increase the pressure onto your front foot while on the board Then, rotate your upper body in the direction you are turning. When the board starts to go downhill, transfer your weight from the ...more

How To : Perform basic nosespins on a casterboard

If you need to add some tricks to your casterboarding arsenal, this video will show you one called the nosespin (or nose spin). A casterboard is kind of like a skateboard, but feels more like a snowboard or surfboard, only on the pavement and with wheels! It's also like a snak ...more

How To : Survive and master slides in whitewater kayaking

No matter how you cut it, slides are tons of fun. There are all types of slides, and while some are big and scary, many are not. Regardless of whether you are having a blast on some mellow slides or trying to set a world speed record on something large there are a few techniqu ...more

How To : Ride powder on a snowboard

James Stentiford talks you through the basics of riding a snowboard on deep snow in this how-to video. No need to change postures or weight distribution in powder, because you'll lose power and direction. Watch this video snowboarding tutorial and learn how to ride powder snow ...more

How To : Do a manual on a snowboard

The manual is one of the most basic, ancient tricks in all of extreme sports. It is basically a wheelie on a board. This video offers tips for how to perform a manual successfully on a snowboard, and describes how practicing and improving your manual skills will lead to improv ...more

How To : Ollie your snowboard

Can you ollie your snowboard? If you can't, you're really not doing all that your could with your snowboard. It is the most basic element of most tricks, both grinds and jumps. This video features some handy tips on how to perform an ollie successfully with your snowboard. Wat ...more

How To : Pop an ollie on a snowboard for beginners

Sierra Snowboard demonstrates how to pop an ollie on a snowboard. An ollie is a basic but mandatory trick when riding a snowboard. When popping up on a snowboard do not jump off of your toes. If you jump off of your toes it is not considered an ollie. Make sure that you also d ...more

How To : Wax your snowboard to maximize your speed

Scott Todd demonstrates waxing a snowboard, which is basic maintenance that assures good speed for a snowboarder. He starts by applying a thick, even layer of wax on the base of the snowboard using an old iron to melt it down. He sweeps the board with the iron to spread out th ...more

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